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jas07 26 January 2012 16:22

Ribeye S650 Ordered!
Hi Guys,

Well, the time has come, I ordered my Ribeye S650 around Oct-Nov Last year and tried to put it to the back of my mind until it started to get a bit warmer before collecting it, but after going to the London boat show and looking at them again it has brought it all back so I'm here to share my excitement and also share my experience of Ribeye on how ive been dealt with.

I have been on the water pretty much all my life whenever possible but for the past 10+ years I've been down in Salcombe in Devon and noticed a couple of Ribeye's and they really caught my eye, the styling of them suited me perfectly, so last year I booked a couple of tickets to SIBS and dropped Ribeye an email to arrange a Demo, Ann-Marie very quickly replied and arranged the Demo on both the 600 and 650 for me which was great as i'd not been on either and the difference was huge, for half a meter it was incredible!

After the show they very kindly sent through some pictures that were taken on the day of us on the Ribs which was a nice token of the day out, it wasn't something we were told they would do it was just a nice gesture which we really appreciated.
A couple of weeks later I gave John Wood a call to discuss the 650 as this was the clear choice for me and I mentioned that the demo at SIBS was obviously quite small and as flat as a millpond and that I would like to test the Rib in some rougher Sea's, to which he replied that he would setup a Demo in there home town of Dartmouth or Salcombe without an issue where we can go out and try the boat for an hour or so in the waters that I would actually be using it, nothing seemed too much trouble at all - Very Impressed.

On demo day unfortunately John was away (which he did state at the time of setting it up but this was the only weekend I was down in Salcombe before the end of the season) so Danny stepped in to take us out, despite having to wait a couple of hours for the morning Fog to clear Danny was superb, very professional but also very friendly which isn't something you come across easily now a days, especially it seems with Rib Manufacturers, a number of people Ive spoken have been put off from other Manufacturers even standing at the show with cash in hand to buy from them!

When we first got into the Rib at Dartmouth one of the things that I noticed was the sheer quality of the finishing, I noticed it at SIBS but even more so when we had a little more time to spend looking over the boat, all of the finishing's on the A Frame at the rear were second to none, all the joins are perfectly smoothed - No unsightly welds here! The bench seat at the rear was very sturdy and well put together, the jockey seats were solid yet comfortable and the console was laid out very well with everything available at a glance.

I realize at this point its going to sound as though I'm working for Ribeye but I really was impressed not only by the boat itself but everyone i've dealt with have always been very friendly and absolutely nothing was too much trouble, everyone I spoke to at the London Boat Show seemed to have nothing but good words to say about them as well which is always reassuring to know.

I cant wait for the weather to get a bit warmer now so that I can go down and collect, Easter certainly cant come quick enough along with some Sun!

Thanks for reading :lol:
Jason S

MustRib 26 January 2012 16:32

where's WiLfish when you need him...

jas07 26 January 2012 17:52

.... :ermm: :shrug:

Siochair 26 January 2012 18:23

Congratulations. I'm sure you will enjoy your new rib.


jas07 26 January 2012 18:39

Thanks :thumbs: Cant wait to get on the Water now :lol:

gossy 27 January 2012 09:18

I have really enjoyed reading through your experience with Ribeye and can honestly say I completely agree with you ..... I've had my S650 for nearly 2 years now and have been totally delighted with it ..... A great piece of kit from a very professional company .....good luck and enjoy !

Siochair 27 January 2012 11:16

Did you try out their convertible bolster seats before settling for the jockeys?

jas07 27 January 2012 18:13

Gossy - Glad to hear you've been pleased with your 650 as well, the Sea trials ive done on them really did impress me, I cant wait to get on the Water now and enjoy it!

Siochair - I didnt no, just went for the Jockeys, do you have the Bolsters?

mister p 27 January 2012 18:19

What engine will you have settled on? What did you try it with? What do Ribeye recommend?

Siochair 27 January 2012 18:48


Originally Posted by jas07 (Post 441563)
Gossy - Glad to hear you've been pleased with your 650 as well, the Sea trials ive done on them really did impress me, I cant wait to get on the Water now and enjoy it!

Siochair - I didnt no, just went for the Jockeys, do you have the Bolsters?

No I'm just curious about them. I'm not entirely convinced that jockeys are the best option on fast ribs and hoped to get a "horses mouth" opinion on an alternative.


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