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TomKat 25 January 2012 15:30

Hypalon patch/reinforcement advice
My tubes all look in great shape, the only area of concern I have is the reinforcement strip on the rear cone on the LHS at the waterline. There is a strip about 40mm wide that either joins the cones of reinforces (externally) the joint.

There is some evidence of the adhesive failing and I want to head it off at the pass so to speak. My mates new Humber has a huge reinforcement patch on the underside of the tube in this area and I like the idea of doing the same.

My question is how should I go about this? Should I try to remove the strip? I worry that if that is all that is holding the cone on it could be harder to fix than it otherwise could be. Also do the adhesives need an air temperature of say above 10 degrees to work? Also where do you advise buying the bits - I see this on eBay and it looks like it could work

HYPALON FABRIC Inflatable Rib Boat Repair Kit Glue RED | eBay

Cheers as always for the great advice you chaps always freely give - much appreciated!

ps wanted my local guy to do it but hes not answering the phone!

TomKat 26 January 2012 09:10

progressed a little bit, bought some hypalon and adhesive from Ribsho, will try to make triangular reinforcing patches as per mate Humber. Any tips would be appreciated.

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