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Mark Halliday 14 April 2004 17:15

Sticky dry suit zip
Does anyone have any tips for easing a dry suit zip, which will not destroy the seal?
I have just been given a Typhoon Racer dry suit by a friend, so I cant complain that the zip is sticking. It was not washed off last time he used it ( October last year). There is no obvious corrosion or damage, it just sticks about 3/4 of the way down. I nearly could not escape when I tried it on. Pro-lube Silicon/PTFE spray helped, but it will wash off quickly. I am doing a Saftey and Rescue course this weekend and the instructor has promised that we will be swimming :eek: and it would be a handy to have it.

woot 14 April 2004 17:33

Dive shops sell blocks of "beeswax" that you rub on the zip then work the zip a few times, if you can't get to a diveshop you could try candlewax I have heard of people using it but haven't tried myself.

Suzuki416 14 April 2004 17:40

to wax or not!
Almost any wax (beeswax, candle wax) will do but try to stay away from the silicon stuff! Your suit will not thank you for it. :@
With the zip totally closed, wax along the top then bottom, the open/shut the zip a couple of times to get the wax into the teeth. If you are feeling keen then wax it with the zip open :D


Mark Halliday 14 April 2004 17:51

Thanks for the speedy reply
Wax it is then, I have some bees wax around somewhere.
BTW I put the pro-lube on with a artists paint brush, so it did not get all over the fabric, even though it is a "dry" lubricant and said to be safe with rubbers and plastics.

David Hickman 14 April 2004 17:56

Ravenspring www.ravenspring.co.uk sell 2 types of zip lubricant. A liquid in a bottle with a brush which does not dry up upon application and also a wax stick to apply.
Always wash the dry suit off everytime you use it. Whilst you are still wearing it stand under a hosepipe or let someone else wash you down.
Use talc in the cuffs and neck seal. I use baby powder.
Hang it up side down with the zip open to allow to air dry.

John Kennett 14 April 2004 18:16


Originally Posted by Mark Halliday
Wax it is then, I have some bees wax around somewhere.

I've always just used candle wax on mine and it seems to do the job OK!


Suzuki416 14 April 2004 20:13

Quote: Use talc in the cuffs and neck seal. I use baby powder.

Yep, always worth using..

An alternative is to use KY jelly on the latex seals. This will greatly extend the life of them. I use this on my diving drysuit & the neoprene seals have so far lasted 220 dives with no leakage.

also don't dry the suit over a heater. As David said 'air dry it'


Mark Halliday 15 April 2004 04:02

Candle wax worked a treat. Finding the stick of bees wax may have taken weeks. You should see the state of my garage! The zip now slides like a very sliddy thing.

The suit is now 3rd hand and was not washed off because it was being replaced. I shall try to give it the TLC that the 2 former owners gave it when it was new to them.

Talc sounds a good idea. Anything to help get it on and off, and extend its life. I may even smell a bit better than usual when I ge home :p

Again, many thanks for the quick replys.

Headhunter 15 April 2004 05:26


Originally Posted by John Kennett
I've always just used candle wax on mine and it seems to do the job OK!

Not much use as a contraceptive then John!!

John Kennett 15 April 2004 06:11

A drysuit makes a much better contraceptive if the zip is difficult to open! :)


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