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Ribnot 30 March 2004 16:04

Engine position when towing
With hydraulic tilt on Johnson 70 should i have the engine all the way up when towing or just halfway?

simmons0 30 March 2004 16:44

You shoudl be able to lift it all the way up and slide a metal catch down onto the engine mounts, then you use the tilt to lower the engine down onto this metal catch and it rides like that.

Brian 31 March 2004 02:16

The preceding posts have referred to a rib being towed, on the road, by a car.
Can I widen the question by asking the same question when being towed at sea by another boat?
It would seem to me that the "casualty" should have it's engine down to ensure lateral stability (broaching) and to help prevent barrel-rolling.
Any other opinions?

Richard B 31 March 2004 02:52

Brian, I've only ever towed another boat once, but we raised the engine (of the tow recipient). I don't know that this was the correct thing to do!?!

One thought - I've heard that not all gearboxes like being being turned by the prop shaft for extended periods of time. (I'm thinking of the prop being turned whilst dragging through the water.) This could be an urban myth though!

rads 31 March 2004 03:00

Only had to tow a rib once.

We were towing a 6.5m Tornado with a 5.57m Ribcraft.

Initially, with the engines up, the Tornado would yaw wildly, dragging the stern of the Ribcraft out of line and making steerage difficult.

Partially dropping the engines greatly increased the lateral stability.

I can't see why the action of spinning the prop should cause the gearbox a problem.


Suzuki416 31 March 2004 03:23

Engine position when towing!
I've a johnson 70 with pt&t & that is how I trailer the vehicle.
At my driveway I lower it all the way down & leave it like that.


Ribnot 31 March 2004 03:50

What is pt&t and please excuse my obvious ignorance.

Headhunter 31 March 2004 04:18

What is pt&t and please excuse my obvious ignorance.
Writtle Essex

That's an Agricultural College is'nt it.

Power Trim & Tilt (not found on tractors) but usually hydraulic all the same.


Ribnot 31 March 2004 04:24

Thanks for that, I knew it had to be simple. Writtle is a village that does have an agricultural college, a bit like Cambridge!

whitingiom 31 March 2004 04:31

Tow on the metal clip with a large orange bucket tied on to make it prominent....then again, furthest I've towed it is 12 miles.

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