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Doug Stormforce 04 August 2011 06:02

Diving Kit
I have 4 BCD/Stab Jackets to sell.

They are all used and to my knowledge work fine.

I would suggest they would be particularly appropriate for a dive Instructor who does not want to put wear and tear on his good kit in the pool.

Each one comes with an inflator hose.

Tusa M 75
Tusa L 75
Sea Quest S 45
Sea Quest XL 45

The Sea Quest's have seen more action and are more faded from the sun, hence the cheaper price.

The prices assume buyer collects and pays cash. If I have to start visiting the post office the price goes up by 10 and postage is at cost.

Doug Stormforce 04 August 2011 07:15

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diver 1 06 August 2011 15:33

Hi Doug, I know someone that's after a TUSA one if you still have them.

Do you have them at your Kemps Quay premises? If so I work at Seatech around the corner. I'll pop in one afternoon next week and take a look if that's ok?


Ben. 07970 067468

Doug Stormforce 06 August 2011 17:26

Thanks Ben

Small world eh!

They are in fact stored in what used to be your office, see you this week.

Best Regards

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