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Fenlander 15 June 2011 06:00

Service spares for 2001 Mariner 15.
Would someone have a source for Mariner spares for a 2001 15hp 2-stroke. I want a thermostat & gaskets plus water impellor and any gaskets/seals needed.

Actually I'm not clear if you need any gaskets or seals to do the impellor but I'd rather have new ones to hand if required.

I know it's easy to find an impellor or stat on ebay and elsewhere but many of those sellers say you'll have to go to a Mariner dealer for the gaskets.

Also is it best to stick to Mariner or Quicksilver branded parts to ensure a known quality?


Fenlander 21 July 2011 02:54

Finally got round to ordering these parts a couple of days ago. I know someone did reply to this thread and offer to supply the parts but their post was removed before I noted the contact details... guess they breached advertising rules??

Anyway went to Pacer Marine in the end who were helpful and got the bits to me next day. As usual the new thermostat price was bit of a killer. Original was 10yrs old and sluggish to open though so worth doing.

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