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Arjen9 04 June 2011 02:28

Yamaha F70

I am wondering if anybody have used the new Yamaha f70 4-stroke on a rib.
At this moment i use an Mariner 75 on a Ribcraft 5.0 Would the new Yamaha be capable enough for the Ribcraft ?


spartacus 04 June 2011 05:49

The new Yammie F70 is an expensive bit of kit compared to just about anything second-hand on the market, 4-stroke or 2-stroke, especially at this mid-range size. Sure it's quiet, comes with YCop fitted as standard, will be relatively frugal... but with a MRRP of 9k? http://serve.mysmiley.net/confused/confused0061.gif

If you're looking for another Mariner 75hp, here's an Optimax from 2008: Mariner 75 HP Optimax 2008 for Sale - Inverness, Highlands boat brokerage

jyasaki 04 June 2011 15:25

Along those lines, Any new outboard will cost a lot compared to a used one.

Arjen9 05 June 2011 03:15

The optimax is too heavy for the boat .
Here , in Holland, i have a quotation for 6900 pound. That is with the mariner trade in.

My concern is that the relatively small yamaha engine will be disappointing compared to the 2-stroke 75 hp ?

Blizzard 27 June 2011 12:08

its a great engine the F70 has loads of grunt compared to the F60 etc. cos it has the bigger prop and gearbox of the F80 without the weight...

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