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Vandad 04 March 2011 17:57

This is a good one!
Just saw this on Ebay, wish my rib could take 250hp!

but for those of you with bigger rib, if you want an amazing monster engine, you may consider these two! JUST LOOK AT THE PRICE! just under 9k for two massive 250hp???? would you believe that?


Pikey Dave 04 March 2011 18:38

I don't know why he needs longer shafts, they look waaaay too low

Poly 04 March 2011 18:53


Originally Posted by Pikey Dave (Post 391245)
I don't know why he needs longer shafts, they look waaaay too low

I'd have thought those fancy brackets were adjustible (or certainly cheaper to modify than new engines) so does that mean he needs longer shaft to keep the motor further away from the water - and possibly these have been getting we where they shouldn't?

Andy B 05 March 2011 03:27


Originally Posted by Polwart (Post 391246)
possibly these have been getting wet where they shouldn't?

Would imagine they'd get pretty swamped by the stern wave when it's throttled back,
and with the air intakes at the back I bet they've swallowed a bit of water in there time

Nasher 05 March 2011 03:33

He does say he's not used them since purchasing them.

Unfortunately I don't trust anyone, and I think it's more likely he mounted them, put the boat back in the water and found they were underwater.


C-NUMB 05 March 2011 03:50

Interesting hull design. On the pictures no controls or steering attached, so If nothing has happened on the project since pictures taken, it is possible they never been tested on this boat floating.

But hard to tell what is the actual situation. Wonder what speed such boat would achieve with correct engine set-up?

Bigmuz7 05 March 2011 04:02

I agree .. I think theyve been under too .. the first pic is of the boat on the crane .. is it going in ? or coming out ? (or being moved) and still no steering gear attached etc ... definately a bit suspect

Channel Ribs 05 March 2011 04:05

They are fine, he says the paintwork is great:

25 inch shalfs. Counter rotation. New S/S mirage props. Paint work in great condition.

What more could you ask. :crazy:

Nasher 05 March 2011 04:20

It's obviously been converted from Inboards with legs, and the new Brackets cover up the holes in the Transom.
I think this because he's left the Davits on that would be useless to hold a tender in that position with outboards.

Either that or the Tilt and Trim doesn't work so he uses the davits instead:D


C-NUMB 05 March 2011 06:35

The lowest bolt visible in the picture of the engine(without hood) looks more corroded than the others. Maybe a co incident or then not. Why was that picture edited so that lower parts are not visible? Maybe it has been "under" during "waterline trials".

Don't get it how someone can afford to purchase such expensive engines without a proper plan, would have been cheaper to test with steel weight's rather than with the real thing.

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