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Exile 20 February 2004 06:08

Recommend an Evinrude Service agent?
I've just bought my first RIB (old secondhand Avon Searider with Evinrude 60 ELO) and want to have the motor serviced before using for the first time. I'd realy apreciate it if anyone could recommend a service agent around Southampton/Portsmouth area.


Rogue Wave 20 February 2004 06:39

I'd take it to Lee Fairweather in Gosport Fairweather Marine . I think he has the most experience of the locals and is in my experience reliable.

ea rider are superb boats by the way

Exile 20 February 2004 07:37

Thanks for the prompt reply. Will check them out.

gavin 20 February 2004 16:19

If you are in to doing it yourself we got plugs from the US 4.50 dollars apiece as opposed to Jets Marvient price of 19.66 euro a piece www.sparkplugs.com xc12pepb champions, yours may not be the same ones as on the Fichts, www.zincsmart.com for the anodes, gear lube available off the shelf 775601 is p/n the anodes are available by post in UK for approx third of price, I have p/n if required cheers gavin

Exile 21 February 2004 05:39

May end up doing it myself
Thanks Gavin.

I may well end up doing it myself as I cannot find anyone willing to service it as it is an 83 model. I've sent of for the service manual from amazon... oh hummm. Never done anything mechanical before but I guess it will be a good idea to get to know the workings of the beast, particularly in view of it's age.

gavin 21 February 2004 19:36

spark plug chart

matiboy 23 February 2004 15:27

Dont be daunted
a preventive maintenance service to an outboard , ( assuming it is running OK to start with ) is pretty straightforward

New plugs - doddle
New fuel filter-doddle
Change of gearbox oil-doddle
Lubricate with fresh grease the obvious grease nipple points around steering / saddle etc - doddle ( especially if you replace with new grease nipples )
Power trim ? Check top up level

Many other simple things can be done which one day could prevent a baffling breakdown ,

Clean fuel tank out ( not with water ! ) add fresh fuel.-doddle
Clean spark plug leads / ignition pack and lightly spray with WD to protect- simple
Look over all fuel hose / bulb / connections for sign of rubber cracking and possible failure - outboards hate air in fuel line-simple
Look over wiring for signs of obvious corrosion on connections , if necessary disconnect spade / bullet connections wire brush clean , reconnect and lightly grease-simple
Look for poor / weak / worn wiring connections as these can cause a dead engine.

( Easier to check this over on land than at anchor at sea trying to find out where the electrical fault is and why engine wont start like I do ! )

eg : disconnecting / cleaning battery connections retighten- simple

Check starter motor connections tight , clean & very lightly grease starter gear making sure it all operates freely-simple

All of the above of course takes time which is what you are paying for, but isnt that difficult , you may find you have no choice with the age of your engine but to DIY ,as you will find a lot of service chaps wont touch older engines.

Slightly more involved would be replacing water pump impellor , but even this is straightforward with basic tools.( The problems you may come across here are on older engines where bolts have corroded in and wont budge , thats when the fun starts ! )

Doing all of the above should give more reliability to your engine ( I'll just add my legal disclaimer bit here as I am no expert just self tought )

Did I mention I can do great deals on drysuits , lifejackets ....blah blah blah....

Exile 24 February 2004 09:18

Thanks matiboy
Thanks for that. I just took delivery of the 'How To' book and am looking forwards to trying it all out.

SteveHall 02 May 2012 08:29

To restart an old thread...

Anyone know any good Evinrude service agents in the north west?

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