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Phil Chitty 14 February 2004 17:15

Trim tabs
I've just bought a Gemini 550 which has had self adjusting trim tabs fitted.

The boat was Gemini's demo boat and the trim tabs were fitted for a magazine article. I was told they cost about 400.
I've not seen the article so I don't know if they are any good but the lads from Gemini say the boat hops up onto the plane at very low speeds and sits much better in the water.

Anyone out there either got them fitted or had any experience with them?

The Jackeens 14 February 2004 17:23


I got them fitted and IMHO have made a marked improvement on preformance. Gets going on the plane V fast especially when a heavy lot is on board. Into wind keeps the nose down. Down wind ya have to be a bit careful as the nose drops fast if you power off.

Now everyone will say - you would say that cause you fitted them !!!

But they do the job well on my small tub.

divide that cost by 3 and you would be more in the ball park.

Ok - let the abuse flow

:) :) :) :)


Ps I have installed a pulley to raise them when Launching and recovering - could easily snag and get damaged. would recommend - but what do I know (before someone else says so)
:p :p

Rogue Wave 14 February 2004 22:21


Originally posted by The Jackeens

Gets going on the plane V fast especially when a heavy lot is on board.

That's no way to talk about Lady Jackeen during this romantic period.!

I.ve seen The Jackeens Gemini at see quite a few times and I've always been impressed by the way it rode the sea

The Jackeens 15 February 2004 02:48

I'm just ballast ... he was talkin about takin extra passengers...like yourself or the NWR. They want to go out on Sunday so I might be jettisoned somewhere near Hill Head Buoy or they'll never get underway at all; mind you we might try putting up a little sail like Enda O Coineen cos Ian's full of hot air these days

:p :p :p


Rogue Wave 15 February 2004 06:55

As it happens Missus I've never been on your boat, just watched it from other ones.

Phil Chitty 15 February 2004 09:19

Cheers for the help all.

Not seen them before so I was a little sceptical.

My Gemini is only 5.5 metres long with plenty of horses on the back so I wasn't sure if it needed any help !!

I used to have a Ribeye 5.8 sport with 100 hp Yam 4 stroke and that seemed to be able to dig a huge hole every time you have it WOT from stationary and the only real way to get it out was to back off :mad:

The Jackeens 15 February 2004 09:19

Heres a link to some reviews


theres some others but can't remember where I put them

Phil Chitty 15 February 2004 09:30

Looks like a good bolt on to me.

Cheers for the link.


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