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Jerram 24 January 2011 05:25

Replacing fuel level sender
Our club dive rib is a Viking Tornado 5.8m with a 115hp Yamaha 4-stroke outboard.
The fuel level sender unit has been knackered for a while now, and so this winter we've got around to removing it. This is no easy feat as it was probably fitted to the fuel tank before the console was bonded on top.

With a fit of fiddling and by removing the hydraulic steering we have removed the old unit and yes - its bust.

So, does anyone know where I can source a replacement?
21/8 (54mm) Bolt Circle
22 length (530 mm) 82/7/5
Part number 224 003

I have found a supplier in the USA - but would rather deal with a firm in the UK if possible to save import problems and freight time.

Thank you.
David Jerram

jyasaki 24 January 2011 10:39

Take a look at the capacitive senders; fewer moving parts to go bad.

Two items to check (as far as I'm aware, and I'm no expert on these things): The resistance swing between empty and full, and the bolt pattern of the mounting plate.

I *think* most senders are fairly standard in mounting, but definitely double check the bolt pattern to be sure.

There are a couple of "standard" resistance ranges, but as I recall, one has sort of gone out of faver, leaving the other as a de facto standard (240 ohm? Don't remember now.)

Bottom line: Do a bit of research; I think your options are more varied than you think.


Jerram 24 January 2011 12:58

Thanks JKY

I think we might replace the tube unit with something that will represent less of a struggle to fit.
We found replacement units including shaft-type senders:

Has anyone had experience fitting these types of sender? I suspect we might need a matching fuel gauge.

Jizm 25 January 2011 04:01

You may not, there are two resistance ranges. 0-180ohm and 30-240ohm or something like that. Just check which you currently have against the one you have bought.

Daniel 26 January 2011 11:12

I was going to suggest Tek-Tanks's senders but you've found them!!

What gauge do you have? I can tell you if it'll work or not, might need part # / make / model if you can find it... if its standard size then it's cheap as chips to replace anyhowm, it's only if you have matching yam gauges it can get expensive.

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