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batfalcon 24 October 2001 01:17

Water tank
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I am trying to find a place to install a water tank and of course the appropriate pump for shower use.
1) The place under the back seat is a good idea, BUT not the ideal one, because of the space that will be taken up.
2) The place which is covered by the grey cushion hosts 2 X 30 liter spare fuel tanks, which can be removed but I 'll have at least 30 liters of fuel less.
3) The space under the plywood (held by Madie) between the two benches is free. If I take it up with the tank, I am not sure that anyone can be sitted with his legs flat all the time.

Any suggestions will be well appreciated.

Alan Priddy 24 October 2001 13:16

We use salt water and soft soap on Spirit. The only problem is that you have to be doing at least 20 knots for the underwater pick up to work. Showering on the aft deack is quite exciting at times!!

Alan P ;)

Keith Hart 24 October 2001 13:29

On my boat I fitted the shower behind the wide screen TV and Video. This meant I had to shift the on-board games room to the bow.

Just a thought.

Keith Hart

batfalcon 25 October 2001 00:51

Alan P,
My English is good enough to catch Keith's humor, but I really don't get yours...:eh:

John Kennett 25 October 2001 02:59

Alan wasn't joking!

On Spirit of Cardiff they have a water pickup on the transom for the shower -- it supplies sea water under pressure when the boat is moving, but needs a fair bit of speed for a decent shower. It avoids the need for a pump, and they don't have the luxury of fresh water for washing in.


batfalcon 25 October 2001 04:40

Thanks for clearing up things.

Thanks for the idea. I get it now. Like the water ballast in Scorpions.

The main thing on my request is to be able to wash up with fresh water. Because of the climate conditions (cold), in England it may be unecessary to use fresh water on board for wash, but in Greece it's different. One wants to remove the salt after the swim.

Alan Priddy 25 October 2001 15:57

Because of the world travel that we do it is important for us to remove the salt from our skins that is in the air. When we did the North Atlantic trip we all came back with terrible salt boils all over any exposed skin. these are B******ds to get rid off so we spent a long time sourcing a good soap that blends with salt water so as we can shower when we need to. I know that it gets very hot in Greece but where we are going next year puts Greece
in the shade. I Know what you mean by hot, we spent 1999 doing our hot testing in the South of France, and this year in America where they had record highs in Baltimore.

Alan P

batfalcon 26 October 2001 00:20

Alan P,
Thanks for the info. I see what you mean. It's the use of the boat that mainlny differs between you and me. I spend most of the time anchored (after 1 or 2 hours of travelling) swimming, snorkeling and playing around. Don't forget that I almost always have 3 women onboard (wife and daughters) who as women have special needs. So it's no use having a system like yours on my boat. Anyway I 've found a salt water shoap many years ago which is always in stock on the SUNKISS, but now time has come to upgrade the "personal hygienics" system.

Keith Hart 26 October 2001 03:53

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Hi there Michael

Here is a picture of what could be your ideal RIB!


Keith Hart

Keith Hart 26 October 2001 03:55

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Here is another view of the ideal RIB. =)

Keith Hart

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