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wavelength 12 October 2010 20:22

vhf and high pressure weather
High pressure weather is affecting vhf transmissions at the moment We are working off sw scotland with the big boat. Last night we started picking up vhf conversations from Holyhead (Anglesey) Ireland and even the east coast. Loadsa neighbours we dont usually expect to hear at all.
So shush, folk on here are hard at work trying to get to sleep! ;)

Gentiana 13 October 2010 01:40

vhf long distance tansmissions
Was, in the Atlantic, a few miles to the west of the Aran islands yesterday. Picking up both Liverpool and Holyhead on Ch16 !
Suppose this must have been a problem for local CGs ( Shannon, Galway and Clifden )

jyasaki 13 October 2010 10:22

More likely it's ionization in the upper atmosphere, rather than the pressure itself. At least, that's my understanding of "skipping" radio signals.


wavelength 13 October 2010 10:57

no idea but it is always associated with hi pressure weather systems no matter what the eventual physics might or might not be. The situation with the CG is easier now that they dont use ch67 for all routine traffic. Adjacent stations use different working channels.

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