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mgalvez 25 August 2010 23:10

Zodiac Futura MKII Sport shaft length?
Hi, I just purchased a Zodiac Futura MKII Sport. Its a 2002 model year. I removed the transom and repaired it as it was separating badly. Now I am looking for an outboard. I measured the center of the transom to the keel, and it measured 14 inches. The bottom of the speed pontoons sits at about 17 inches. Am I looking for a long or short shaft motor? I am thinking a 2 stroke 25hp, should that suffice?

mgalvez 26 August 2010 13:38

So I guess my question is this, do I measure from the center/top of the transom to the keel, or from the center/top of the transom to the bottom of the speed tubes? Any help would be awesome since I'm trying to get an outboard ASAP. I've already looked up how to measure this, but I'm unclear since this isn't a standard keel type boat.

The wizard of OZ 26 August 2010 15:33

Long shaft 20in recomended
I have a Futura sport and it works well with a long Shaft (20in) which Zodiac recommends in their product catalogues for Futuras. That said there seems to be a lot of variations to the norm of a long shaft engine. But I think it is safe to say a 20in leg will work without modifying any part of the boat structure.

spartacus 26 August 2010 15:34

Pretty sure the older-style Futura MkII (2002) takes a standard shaft outboard. The top of the anti-cavitation plate of the outboard should be in-line with the bottom of the keel, not the bottom of the speed tubes.

25hp is a good engine choice. We used to use a Yamaha 25hp 2-stroke (tiller control) with a Zodiac MkIIC GT and it used to fly with two-up. Maximum horsepower for MkIIC is 40hp and the MkII will take 50hp.

The new Futura (oversized tubes) now requires a long-shaft engine. Link and pictures here: http://rib.net/forum/showthread.php?t=20935

The wizard of OZ 26 August 2010 15:46

My Futura Sport is a 1989 and in the manual it states a long shaft with (20in.) in brackets.
That said the transom can be cut down to lower the leg of a short shaft low enough it does not cavitate. Tried a short shaft 50hp johnson on mine worked great idleing but cavitated instantly at any faster speeds.
I asume the 1989 would be similar to the 2002 from what I have read they did not change the tube size till later to accommodate heavy four strokes?
Just purcahse a long shaft 20in 1994 Johnson 50hp to replace the short shaft 50.
Cant wait.

mgalvez 26 August 2010 18:35

Wow, I'm hearing contradicting info. I got a line on a 25hp longshaft (20") for a great deal. From the center of the transom, top to keel, it is about 14". From the center of the transom, top to bottom of speed tubes it is about 17". Can anyone else give me measurements of what their Futura's measure? I am especially interested in what people are running on older sports. Should I just get the outboard and try it out? How much could I get an extension for the transom to make it work if it does not work correctly?

m chappelow 27 August 2010 04:31

The problem with using a short shaft on a boat that says its recomended for a longshaft especially a sib ,is when the boat gets up on the plane or in tight turns or lumpy water the prop my not go deep enough and you can have problems with airating ,a lot depends on the underwater profile of the aft end on the keel and how deeper it is ,even though the transom may measure up as a short its how much the inflatable keel is in the water when up on the plane ,

mgalvez 27 August 2010 08:43

I've taken a look at the vin plate. Is it coded in there on what it should take? I don't want to buy a motor that will not work on there well. Any advise would be awesome.

kelson 27 August 2010 09:18

I have a 1999 Zodiac MK2 Futura S. The tubes are the old style, smaller diameter, with the pointy end cones. The transom is 14.5 inches from the top to the bottom edge of the keel bump. I run a 50 hp Nissan three cylinder two stroke outboard. It is a short shaft outboard. The manual for my Zodiac shows that the mk1, mk2c, mk2 and mk3 models in 1999 took short shaft outboards. It sure sounds like you need a short shaft outboard. Can you post a picture of the transom?

Your vin plate will show the max horsepower and weight for an outboard, but it does not indicate longshaft or short.

When up on a plane the keel stays on the water surface, the speed tubes do not raise the boat out of the water like a cataraman style inflatable.

slance 27 August 2010 09:37

2002 Zodiac catalog lists a long shaft
I just checked the Zodiac 2002 brochure. It states that the MK2 Sport takes a 20" shaft. The Price List from 2002 also states that the Zodiac product code Z12501 & Z12505 take up to a 50hp Long Shaft.


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