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Razorbill RIBs 05 August 2010 06:43

4HP 4 Stroke Aux
4HP 4 Stroke Longshaft OB

Made by Jetmarine. This was bought new in 2005 as an aux for the Dory, but never used (or even fitted).

Ran it for the first time beginning of the year and used it for about 4 hours on the Sarn Boat beginning of the season when the Malta was playing up...is too heavy for the Sarn and is just sitting in the garage. Now has a scuff on the cowl where it fell over...it is in the way, won't get used and will end up getting another scuff or worse if it stays there much longer.

Let me know if of any interest....will get a pic of the scuff etc. Otherwise, this really is a new engine.

Not sure if its correct, but I understand the internals to be Yamaha?

Can't recall what i paid for it, but think it was nearing 600...looking for 400.

Checked B&O's and one there for 380 but has been used, so think thats a decent price.

Dan :thumbs:

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