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Downhilldai 30 May 2010 06:01

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Been doing a few jobs on the SR4.7 over the 'winter' :rolleyes: (The jobs dragged on a bit!)

Fitted a new jockey console with inboard 65 litre fuel tank and an A-frame with some nice LED nav lights.

Managed to work it so the little aux fits snugly between the main motor and A-frame :)

Downhilldai 30 May 2010 06:03

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Worked the console so it has an anchor locker low down with storage space above.

Mollers 30 May 2010 06:35

Looking smart. :thumbs:

Downhilldai 30 May 2010 06:56

Thanks :thumbs:

May take it out for a spin this afternoon. :shades:

spartacus 30 May 2010 08:05


ollyit 30 May 2010 08:25

stunning mate, i bet there are a few chaps on here dribbling! :)

Rogue Wave 30 May 2010 09:06

Downhill Chinscratcher
I wish I had a 4.7 they really are great boats you'll probably find it a lot better than your ospray.

nice one hope you enjoy it

matt h 30 May 2010 12:04

Brad, look superb, nice one!!

Mollers 30 May 2010 12:18

I do hope that the camper gets a scrub before it arrives down by hure. ;)

Downhilldai 30 May 2010 18:50


Originally Posted by Rogue Wave (Post 354686)
you'll probably find it a lot better than your ospray.

Thanks RW. So far, I'm managing to find it quite easily, it's in the garej, right necst to the o****y. :thumbs: :D

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