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Charles 05 December 2003 04:58

RIBnet has lost it's Way!
Quite sometime ago a thread was started which I think all forum members should refresh themselves with:

Read and Digest

This forum has been most helpful and entertaining to me and I have made a lot of friends here, much like many other ribsters who frequent this site I do believe.
Every so often we have a person who comes along who is both arrogant and insulting, to say the least. These people, including a particular individual who tries to emulate this site (fails dismally – I hasten to add) are not really interested in ribs, on the contrary do not own one and find the time to perpetually ‘slag-off’ our chosen craft. They spend their time on the forum trying to upset and denigrate other members as best they can – just to get a reaction. Fortunately, or unfortunately – I rise to the bait as I am a very straight-forward person. At the risk of upsetting some people I do call a spade a spade, although many people, who know me, realise I am genuine and well-meaning. Most of the time I give people the benefit of the doubt and always try and look at things from their side. I have a passion for ribs and admire and respect many ribsters whom I have met over the years.

The RIBnet forum has ‘lost’ a good many people who have a wealth of information and experience to pass on to lesser experienced ribsters, for the reasons stated above. We, forum members can let this continue (some actually encourage it!)with the result that these disruptive individuals have achieved what they have set out to do. As far as I am concerned, this does not achieve anything.
John Kennett, you can promote this, by creating a thread for this purpose, (which you have already done) or you can put a stop to it immediately. Only you will know what to do! Your actions will send out a clear message to me, and those who are in agreement with me that this continual verbal, psychotic harassment shall cease forthwith.

I see no point in coming back here if this is the path Ribnet has chosen to follow. There are other forums dedicated to this sort of verbal mud-slinging and harassement. Christ knows, you only have to work out the door these days to receive this sort of abuse!

I think Keith Hart's summation is worth considering.

Do not confuse verbosity with being erudite and getting the last word in does not mean you have won the argument.

chrisallse 05 December 2003 05:08

Well put that man.:)

Rogue Wave 05 December 2003 05:42

I am sorry that yet again it has come to this, I have always thought myself open enthusiastic, commited and having a broad sense of humour. I also freely admit that I was without knowledge when I first came to this Forum.

I originally shared your views over JF and in particular DD but I could always see the humour in most of the comments they made and gave them some room. I also agree the name calling is bad but one can normally brush that off.

SInce they joined the Forum Digi has become a cyber friend and JF has become a real friend. They are both Helpful, extremely erudite and and capable engineers. Unfortunately they do like a wind up and it does go too far sometimes

You yourself Charles, have always been a keen and loyal member of this Forum, and I would be sorry to see you go, we effectively lost Mike G after the last schirmish which again I feel very sorry about and I miss his input.

Surely a Forum however, should accomadate different views and the debate can go from there. Unfortunately Jon only comes back on the forum to row with you at the moment and that should stop, he should rejoin the forum as a contributor. Until that happens can you not just regard him as an FGT and ignore his comments,

I guess the chances of you guys honouring your truce are slim?

best regards

Jonny Fuller 05 December 2003 07:03

Just to state my case.
In the most recent postings by myself and CSCB, ALL name calling and personal insults were confined to your posts, not mine, and, I didn't once refer to ribs, or hardboats, or a comparison between them, or their owners, this was also only mentioned by you!

Also, you make your own attempts to 'bait' me on occasion, does this mean it's OK for you, and NOT for anyone else?

Just clarifying a few important details.

Rogue Wave 05 December 2003 08:16

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jon Fuller
[B]ROTFLMFAO at chuck!...raw nerve Mr 'Village people?

the 'comic edition'!

You don't think this was some from of name calling?

Jonny Fuller 05 December 2003 12:13

Well, I've never denied being a piss taker, or a wind-up merchant, so saying I was laughing at chuck, and calling him a village people look-alike, seems like general sarcastic banter to me, but I'll stand corrected if you think otherwise.

However, almost every post chuck submitted to the thread in question, reminded me I was in his opinion, a 'Fat Ginger Twat'!.. Now in my book, that's a direct and personal insult! Especially when you take into account that on this worthy forum, it was made very, very clear indeed during the Mike Garside affair (Garsidegate), that the word 'Twat' is a most serious and insulting term, and shouldn't be used, or taken, lightly.

These recent posts that Chuck is talking about, have only shown crossed words between he, and I, on occasion he has baited me, and on occasion I've baited him!, no one else has been involved. I'm big and ugly enough to take it on the chin, he clearly isn't, so I shall leave him alone, and won't be accepting any further invitations of cucumber & cress sandwiches and afternoon tea at the YMCA.

PS. the 'comic edition' comment was his

Bobaw 05 December 2003 17:41


I don't post often as I am probably the least most qualified ribster on these forums.

I have however logged in daily and am learning more things day to day and week to week.

I may not say much but I will say this - each and every one of us has experiences and memories to log here, they may or may not be of assistance to others, but hey - We are all at sea and why not share our experiences.... good or bad.

If you want to "Flame" each other do it elsewhere or meet up on a cruise and go and talk about it in the carpark.......:yawn:

I for one would not want to lose Charles (His proper name I believe) Nor Jon - each to their own and all that.

I vote we get back on track and talk RIBS/BOATS/ENGINES and PROPS and the like.....

PM each other if you want to slag it off.....



John Kennett 05 December 2003 18:00

OK here we go. To be honest I've got better things to do, but since Charles has decided to make an issue of it I suppose I had better make my position clear.

RIBnet has lost its way
No, I don't think it has. It is more successful than ever and has an exceptionally good ratio of useful posts to drivel.

RIBnet has lost a good many people because of this
I doubt it. People come and go on forums, so just because someone stops posting don't assume they have been driven away.

People are subject to "continual verbal, psychotic harassment"
I don't see any evidence of this. The only person who has been notably abusive recently is Charles.

John Kennett promotes this behaviour
The recent spat between Charles and Jon Fuller was overwhelming an otherwise sensible thread. This left me with a number of options: ignore it, delete the posts or move those posts into the "other stuff" section which seemed the most sensible option. I gave it a flippant title to indicate how unimportant I felt it was.

Let's have a bit of a post mortem of what became the Chuck and Jonny Show:

It started when Charles made a typo and wrote "I am the Channel Isles" and Louise made a joke about it. Jon Fuller followed up with a couple of smileys.

Charles then replied agressively to both.

Jon Fuller then persisted in winding up Charles, who became increasingly abusive.

Previous to that, the other recent incident was on the 1000 members! thread. This time Charles started the banter, with a dig at BoatMad, and Jon Fuller assumed the role of makerel taking the bait. Once again it was Charles who became abusive though.

Whilst Jon Fuller's recent contributions have been generally puerile and unhelpful, equal blame lies with Charles -- it takes two people to have a slanging match.

As Charles wrote back in July "I decided to ignore these people last week and will continue to do so, no matter how much I am provoked - in the end . . . they will get bored and move on". It's a shame that he seems to have forgotten this.

My aim is for the RIBnet forums to be friendly and useful. It is to everyone's credit that this is the way it tends to be almost all of the time. It is very rare that I have to intervene, very few posts have been deleted (maybe a couple of dozen out of 33,500!), and currently no one is banned.

I don't see any grounds for banning anyone at the moment.

So in summary, my message is this:

Jon Fuller: pack it in
Charles: grow up
Everyone else: carry on!


Jonny Fuller 05 December 2003 18:08


Originally posted by John Kennett
Jon Fuller: pack it in


OK ;)

The Jackeens 06 December 2003 08:37

Nice one JK well balanced

- I was under the impression that MANOS is banned:( :(

Let the banter begin :D :D :zz: :zz:

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