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BINKY 21 February 2010 03:14

COBRA 8.6 Diesel 315HP

I was wondering if any one has any experience of these boats? I am considering buying a good nick 315 Yanmar 2005 one with low hours advertised at £45000. The reason being looking for comfortable cruising and lots of storage space.

On the test run in calm and relatively non tidal water the boat maxed out at 38kts with 4200rpm showing

Boat was moving quite fast through the water at tickover and getting only 38 kts at full rpm of 4200:- According to Yanmar these engines top out at 3800rpm max. What I am thinking is that the prop may not be the correct size…I suspect the prop is too small hence the boat is geared too low, it certainly accelerated well but maybe lost grip at top rpm , hence the extra 400 rpm

Any thoughts as to this would be much appreciated.


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