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Nasher 15 November 2009 15:25

X-mas dinner - Late????????
The recent threads that have brought up the subject of the X-mas dinner, and the PMs I've had, suggest that there would be some interest in doing it sooner than next year.

OK, here goes.
If I arrange something for the end of January or the beginning of February at say the lightship, how many would like to attend?

For those that have offerd to help, it would be appreciated, we'll see how much interest there would be and go from there.


Knot Yet 15 November 2009 15:32

End of Jan or Feb would be perfect - there will be 3 of us :)


tonymac 15 November 2009 16:15

I'd love to - but sorry its not possible!



ianhappy 15 November 2009 16:35

Great idea Nasher, and it's very kind of you to offer to organise something :thumbs: - end of Jan/early Feb would be ideal for me. Would be happy to help with anything if required.

Probably just me...but I live in hope...


bogib 15 November 2009 17:07

I will try to attend,


Hightower 15 November 2009 17:15


Steve_B 16 November 2009 04:04

Me too, hopefully will be in the Christmas mood by then. Plus 1 please


Tim M 16 November 2009 04:11

Me plus one (just need to find a plus one)

Chris 16 November 2009 06:19


Originally Posted by Tim M (Post 326368)
(just need to find a plus one)

" Kryten, unpack Rachel and get out the puncture repair kit "

DavyBuoy 16 November 2009 06:45

Hi Nash,
Early Feb.would be good for us so we could show off our tans and Aussie accents !!=)

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