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rigi36 29 October 2009 08:42

Setting up remote steering and throttle controls on a new modern boat.

We currently have a Honda 1997(?) manual start, manual tilt BF15A 15hp outboard as shown below...


We are in the process of buying a new boat which comes with the new style cable steering (with the long metal pole at the end of cable) and are not sure how to link this up with the above outboard.

Our old boat was set up with remote steering but used the very old fashoined washing line method where you have two cable from the steering wheel which pull the engine to one side of another. We cannot see how to link the new cable steering with the outboard as this is not what it was designed for. If it doesnt have a tilt tube is there a special bracket we can get to convert?

We are also looking to purchase a new Honda side control without electronics as our outboard is not electric start. Can you reccommend a good side control box that is compatable with this outboard. Are all connections from remote throttles to the outboard the same?

Many thanks,

9D280 29 October 2009 09:22

If you donlt have the big hole through the middle of the tilt tube, you can get transom mount brackets for the end of the tube. (http://www.ultraflexgroup.it/eng/ult..._di_guida.html - scroll down, there's a couple of sketches to show it in action)

As for remotes, I think I'm safe in saying you could probably use anyone's mechanical bits, as a lot of them are basically re -boxed versions of the same thing - the mechanism inside is identical) You may need to mess around to get the deadman connected at the remote location tho'. The two 'flexes (Tele & Ultra) will do a "manual only" box, which will have adjustments as they can also be used for inboards etc.

The easy way of solving the deadman problem is to panel mout one by the wheel.

rigi36 29 October 2009 09:51

Hi, thanks for your reply.

This is what we had on our old boat.


Will the sockets on the outboard work with something like this?


Thanks again,

9D280 29 October 2009 09:58

I've also amusingly heard it called the "operator presence control switch". :)

It's the red coily lanyard that you need to clip into a switch on the engine that stops it when it's pulled out. It stops the engine when pulled off, and the other end should be attatched to you so the boat doesn't come back & mince you if you fall out.

I have a small dory that I sit so close to the engine you can attatch the lanyard to the bacjk strap of the lifejacket from the engine switch and still steer from the wheel...

rigi36 29 October 2009 10:07


How does the control box kill switch connect back to the engine? Is there a separate cable which plugs into the engine?

Will the second control box above work with my engine?


9D280 29 October 2009 10:18

Yeah, usually the electric cables will go through the same enormous grommet as the throttle & gear cables. I'm now in guess mode, as I've never seen one of these close up, but there will be two wires going to your deadman switch on the front of the engine. Somewhere between the switch & the box of electrical tricks there will be a plug. I suspect that the Official Honda wiring will basically unplug (& render useless) the switch on the engine, and put the "remote switch" wire in it's place.

No idea if the Honda remote throttle has the wiring built in. Just looked at the catalouge - it shows a switch on the pic of the remote box for your engine, but not the wiring! (but then that wouldnlt look "neat" in a catalougue).

rigi36 29 October 2009 10:32

I suspect the control box comes with a decent length of deadman's switch cable to do this.

Will the honda shift and gear cables for the new remote control boxes be the same as the cables used here?


Our old control box was that one and i'm wondering if we get a new honda control box will it still plug in and work with the engine?

9D280 29 October 2009 10:59

I suspect if that was your old one & you still have it, a simple "cable end kit" might be enough. That control will use a generic cable that you fit "end kits" to to convert them for Honda, Suz, etc. Granted, you'll probably need to make your own remote deadman.

I also notioced on the Honda Remotes leaflet you may need to buy a kit with the engine end cable anchors & stuff in.
Page 7 of the PDF - it looks like the cable ends might be included.

rigi36 29 October 2009 11:03

The page titled 'Conversion Kit'?

9D280 29 October 2009 11:30


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