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Swifty 18 September 2009 17:57

Sender for Garmin 160 Fish Finder
Broke the transom bracket of my Garmin 160 FF. Works ok but glueing it up hasn't worked. Anyone know a contact where I can get a replacement?


dougcrock 19 September 2009 04:10

got garmin sounder replacementt from this guy
you could bond transducer in hull dont think it degrades to much

Swifty 20 September 2009 13:02

Thanks for that. At 60 I might try bonding it into the (blocked off) flooding hull chamber.

Daniel 01 October 2009 08:13

i've bonded a transducer into a hull before, it works well.

try not to get bubbles into the resin. i used an epoxy.

i recall reading somewhere stikaflex (silinone?) worked too, but cant remember (try a search)

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