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Garygee 13 October 2003 16:00

MCA coding.
Hi folks

A question for people who know about MCA coding.

I am a member of a local dive club.

If I take divers from the club out on my boat, diving myself as part of the club, on a basis of sharing the cost of fuel etc, do I need to get MCA coded ?.

It would not be very often and not done for a profit but I dont want to leave myself open. All the divers have third party insurance and I would be in charge of the boat.

If I do need to go for MCA what is involved and what are typical costs.
I would limit outings to the daytime but could do long(ish) trips, IOM, north wales Ireland etc from Fleetwood.

Thanks Gary

Bilge Rat 14 October 2003 03:53

Interesting question !

Dont quote me on this as i'm not an expert but i would have assumed if you were not running a commercial operation and just going out as friends then coding would not be required, as a qualified diver i can pick up one of my friends and mooch down to the beach and go for a dive, no one can stop us doing that providing we are outside the realms of our club rules, so whats stopping me taking my mate out on my boat, dropping the anchor and going for a swim around the bottom !!

obviously personnal insurance is required and one question you need to answer is does your boat insurance cover these types of water sport ? i know some dont cover water skiing or water toys, maybe you need to look at that side rather than coding.


tue 14 October 2003 14:20

As far as I know you don't need to be coded for dive club use. ( I hope because I will be using mine for it next year). However your insurance will have to be up to dive club spec to cover the passengers while onboard (whilst diving, insurance is up to them, but on the boat they are your responsibility and need to be covered by your insurance).

Paul Glatzel 14 October 2003 16:28


As I recollect the code does make specific reference to dive clubs but refers to divers creating a club which people can join rather than hiring the craft - thus trying to avoid the need to code a vessel. The code states this is not acceptable. Your situation would appear clear and you are not hiring your craft or being dodgy so would appear okay. Why not contact the MCA or BSAC to get a more educated view than mine though


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