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PeteH 27 June 2009 16:03

Aux Fuel Tank
Hi,i wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction.
i have a Yamaha 4HP and would really like to have an auxiliary
Fuel tank,with it being a yam do i need a special one.
I see the ones on the towsure site and they look reasonable enough.
Im also thinking that i need fuel line and the special connector.

Any advice is fully appreciated.

Cheers Pete.

willk 27 June 2009 17:17

Hi Pete,

It kinda depends on what fittings you have at present! I wasted some time and money buying Evinrude tank fittings (they look similar) only to discover that the previous owner had used Yammie fitttings on the tank end of the fuel line - not an issue so long as you know!

In short, the tank fitting needs to match the fuel line fitting, male to female or whatever. You can get Yammie fittings on fleabay for buttons. A full spare hose with priming bulb, engine connecter and tank connecter would be an asset on any boat.

Obviously, all your fittings should be interchangeable for best use.

Happy hunting

chris123 28 June 2009 05:44

From the sound of it you currently only have an internal fuel tank on your Yam.

You will want:

Fuel tank
Fuel tank connector (threaded into fuel tank,quick connect into fuel hose). This may be included as part of fuel tank.
Hose assembly, consisting of:
Tank quick connect -> hose -> priming bulb -> hose -> outboard quick connect.

The tempo fuel tank on Towsure's site will do the job, but they do not seem to supply hoses, and the outboard connector range is limited (the one Suzuki connector they picture is different to my Suzuki outboard).

Ebay may be an option for cheap bits, but may be less hassle to visit a Yam dealer (if you have one anywhere near) and then you can be sure you have all the right bits and they all fit together.



PeteH 29 June 2009 18:06

Thanks for the info folks.
I did before posting this thread go to a local Yammie dealer,the price i got for a tank without any extras 53,the line complete with bulb was another 34.
Total 78.

Think i will have a look on ebay to see if there are any offers on.

Thanks again.

PeteH 04 August 2009 16:22

Update,ive just ordered a 12l tank with all the connections from here http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/UK-YAC...__W0QQ_armrsZ1
Total cost 39.99 on next day,will report back on quality etc..
Cheers Pete.

chewy 05 August 2009 06:34

He's a nice lad who you bought the tank off. I've dealt with him a few times.

MikeP 10 August 2009 06:03

Quick question on aux tanks for you more experienced chaps....

I noticed that once you've got fuel in the tank, with the cap on and the little pressure relief valve closed tight (ie, what I would call safe for transporting) there is some pressure of fuel in the line coming out of the tank. I only noticed that because my initial assembly of fuel line to tank must obviously have not been quite tight enough and I had a small leak where the fuel pipe connected to the tank. On starting to dis-assemble, I then noticed the pressure - which was easily relieved by unscrewing the relief valve - but slightly disconcerting given I'd not connected it to the engine yet!

Is this pressure usual ? I hadn't used the tank yet - just filled it half full with fuel - so I assume there is some natural evaporation of the petrol which creates the pressure that forces fuel down the pipe even when not being used.

However, when the tank is being stored, should I be leaving the pressure relief valve undone or is it best to decant the petrol back out into a green plastic jerry can ?

Thanks, as always, for your advice...

PeterM 10 August 2009 06:08

At a guess I'd say this was normal . If its been hot , or the air pressure has changed since you sealed up the tank ( closed the vent etc ) you can end up with a + pressure in the tank as a result - enough to cause a smallish squirt of petrol out of wherever it can get out , or the hiss of air from the vent.

chewy 10 August 2009 07:50

Thats happened on all the tanks I've had.

MikeP 10 August 2009 17:00

Thanks guys - just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything really stupid.

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