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Channel Ribs 05 June 2009 13:21

RIB Training, a new dawn!
Alright a new dawn might be a bit over the top, but it is worth commenting that a RIB.net contibutor has redefined training for me. Not just RYA training at that. I am quite taken aback (in a good way) by a honed ability to keep me out of my comfort zone, thereby making sure I am actually learning/impoving.

The style, bredth and above all passion for the subject is from another planet compared to 90% of the courses I have been on over my many long years. :)

The course is with Tim Griffin, but my thanks really go to Doug from Stormforce - without whom I would not have found the right course in the first place. Thanks chaps!

By the way, my advice and the point of this thread really... Choose your training with care, not all instructors are created equal!!

Chris 06 June 2009 02:16

What course did you do then?

Channel Ribs 06 June 2009 12:00


Originally Posted by Chris (Post 298294)
What course did you do then?

Not did, doing :) A weekend of powerboat delights!

Hightower 06 June 2009 15:42

I've met Tim once or twice and I think he demo'd a Solent RIB a few years back for the Jackeens and I tagged along.

I had heard of but not seen for myself good reports of training sessions various people have had with him over the years, so recommended him a few weeks back to a friend at work for a PB2.

He took this course a couple of weeks back and am pleased to report that I wasn't let down by recommending him. My friend was over the moon with the instruction he got and found that Tim was very patient and had some wonderful teaching skils of the kind he'd not seen for along time.

He's now in the process of buying a boat (not a RIB :crazy:). Sea trial next week.

Thanks Tim!

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