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Falcon Boats 29 September 2003 06:08

Flying Falcon
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Have a look at the attached - this pic is definately real!

Julian 29 September 2003 06:30

Now thats got to hurt on landing, Nice jump though

chrisallse 29 September 2003 06:41

Nice smile on its face too.:)

seahound 29 September 2003 08:27

What did this boat launch off ??. it looks a nice day. If it gets that much air on a calm day i would hate to be in one when things get choppy.


Falcon Boats 29 September 2003 10:01

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Maybe this pic explains how it got so much air - previous picture was taken at the right moment to make it look calm. Wave jumping in shallow surf...

Charles 30 September 2003 03:19

Where is that Pieter?

Falcon Boats 30 September 2003 04:50

Hi Charles - pic taken at Club Mykanos, Langebaan, South Africa during a pre-race photoshoot.

Scotty 30 September 2003 12:57

Zap Cat ??
Is that a little zap cat flying over the Falcon ?:p :p :p :p

The Jackeens 30 September 2003 14:41

in the second pic there is something above the falcon ??

a blue thing that says "elf" ????

a UFO perhaps ??:eek:


chrisallse 30 September 2003 14:45

Its Manos's wallet, fell out of the boat in front =)

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