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Razorbill RIBs 15 May 2009 09:27

My New Toy - Ocean 675
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Hi all,

have collected my new toy - pictures attached (on trailer for now). Thanks to all for your kind welcome to the forum, especially Nasher, Leapy and James (JS)..........

I spent yesterday trying to give it a quick clean (dodging showers).

It's an Ocean 675 circa '97, (2.6 metre beam) and was retubed by Henshaws about 3 years ago (only used a handful of times since). The chap i bought it from (second owner) was really helpful and as a retired engineer has been meticulous in his maintenance of the boat. It has a three battery split charging system and really tidy wiring etc (which sounded very clever and i'd be lying if i pretended to understand how it all works). It also has a 30 Gallon SS underfloor tank, should give a decent range between fills.

Unusually it also has fitted Bennet hydraulic Trim Tabs. I know that several people I spoke to when buying the Rib didn't think these were neccessary /useful. I can't see any detriment to having them and all i would say is that when adjusted (in conjunction with trim) they made a difference of 4 knots on the GPS - The boat was showing 36 knots GPS with 4 (big) adults up. Not bad for a 7 metre rib with only a Yamaha 90!

I may look to upgrade the engine at some point (thinking 135 /150 Optimax?), but the Yamaha is fine for now and there is never a shortage of people /friends who can work on the Yamaha here (I am on an Atlantic 75 crew which has 75Hp Autolubes). On that note does anyone have any (Rough) idea of the era from the decals - I thought 99 /2000?? Doesn't really matter, it is very clean /well serviced and runs very well!

Have taken the screen off to be signwritten and have a few 'holes' in the dash to fill where there was a radio and speakers (not really my thing). May also replace the dive rack with a SS one (I think I may have seen one on the for sale forum a while ago?).

Am hoping to meet with the surveyor next week to draw up a 'to do' to list for the coding........lots of additional kit required. Will also be swapping the VHF for DSC, so will be hoping to sell the old one if it is of any use to anyone......will post up details in next couple of weeks. If anyone reading has any suitable second hand kit that they would like to sell (DSC, radar Refelector - Echomax type preferred, liferaft, good Handheld etc), please drop me a PM.....

Any hoo, as you can probably tell, am really pleased and excited!


Leapy 15 May 2009 09:53

Dan...very exciting times! Glad you managed to find a weather/time opportunity to have an early 'fettle'!

I've emailed you stuff we talked about in PM's...:thumbs:

Nasher 15 May 2009 10:03

Looking Good Dan:thumbs:

Welcome to the Ocean Club.


Jono Garton 15 May 2009 13:22

Hi Dan

Looks good, please you took the advice! A Bargain at 2500:thumbs:


Razorbill RIBs 15 May 2009 14:15

I thought so.........

D :-)

Tim M 15 May 2009 14:53

Bargain :thumbs: Needs more power though!

codprawn 15 May 2009 15:12

An excellent buy - you can use all the money you saved towards fuel now!!!

JSP 18 May 2009 07:31

No way! Ok so maybe a 90 is a bit small for the size of hull but at that price you could afford to pay some ilegal immigrants to paddle!

chewy 18 May 2009 09:17


Originally Posted by JSP (Post 295502)
No way! Ok so maybe a 90 is a bit small for the size of hull but at that price you could afford to pay some ilegal immigrants to paddle!

I thought that was just a North East thing, I don't let em on my boat just on the ferry boat. Saves me rowing it.

Thats a nice RIB.
The RNLI have some 75hp Yams coming up for grabs today. Least you'd be able to get spare parts for em.....

Razorbill RIBs 18 May 2009 09:42

Hi guys.....

whilst I did have a great buy with the Rib, it wasn't 2,500, that was just Jono having fun!

Chewy - I had thought about trying to pair up the 90 with another, but am told it's not a good idea to pair up engines which haven't always run together, suppose it makes sense........

One of the requirements that coding has thrown up is the need for an alternative means of steering (not practical to carry a spare cable), so i was going to see if I could get a bracket fabricated for the engine, like that we have on the Atlantic for steering with the paddle.....has anyone else come across this requirement and how have you got around it?



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