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bluerocketboy 05 May 2009 09:09

fixing little hull scrapes
i was inspecting the hull of my rib the other day and noticed several dings, none of them go through the hull or leak but i don't want the hull to take on any water in the long run.

so i'm looking for some sort of resin, filler or putty that i can apply to fill the dings while the boat is still on the trailer (so the dings upside down) as using glass fibre and resin will just drip out before it cures. Is there any perticular product that anyone uses and would reccomend?

thanks for any help


1978SeaRider 05 May 2009 09:53

I've just done all the dings and scratches on my boat... I used Gel Coat Filler, made by Plastic Padding (ebay or google it).

I'm a novice, and its perfect. Very easy to mix and it won't drip on your face when your trying to use it ! rough the area up with a bit of course sandpaper, mix a enough filler for the area (mix for at least a few mins) then just fill it.. smooth it a bit whilst its wet using the tool included in the box... then use wet and dry paper to sand it smooth... I finished mine off with grade 600 wet and dry paper, put a bit of car wax on it and its virtually un-noticable. I used white filler on a white hull.... not sure what colours they do.

jambo 05 May 2009 11:37

Yea i use the same as Searider and it does what it says on the pack. Good product and easy to use.

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