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Deana Angell 23 September 2003 19:02

Any pictures of the Jolly Sailor?
Hi everyone! I've still been peeking in here every now and then. A special thanks to Chris for sending me a CD of pictures. Does anyone else have any pictures to email or send to me? I appreciate any contirbutions! I trust everyone is still having fun Ribbing before the weather gets too cold. Stop in for a chat.

The Jackeens 23 September 2003 19:21

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Not the best

Deana Angell 23 September 2003 19:43

Thanks Jackeen. Anyone with pictures can email them to me at lovey123@shaw.ca

Aging Youth 24 September 2003 02:54

Hi Deana,

I have not forgotten my promise.

Still sorting through all the Cd's that I have been sent plus my own pics aswell.


Deana Angell 24 September 2003 18:39

Thanks Aging Youth. I look forward to receiving it. How are things? Still Ribbing?

Aging Youth 25 September 2003 03:27

Still Ribbing
Hi Deana,

Yes I am still ribbing.

You may be aware that quite a few of us on Ribnet actually meet up in various ports around the contry to actually get out on the water and have fun in our boats. Other than just Cyber Ribing!!!!

Plus lots of merryment and liquid refreshments to wash down the story telling of the days's events.

On October 4th about 50 of us are meeting in Weymouth; which is on the south coast, for an end of season gathering. As some people will be thinking about winterising there boats soon.

Keep an eye on the Cruising Thread for updates & pictures.

Best wishes

Andre 25 September 2003 04:14

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Hi Deana

I sent all my pics to Kevin on a CD and he was going to forward to you with many more

Kevin, I thought these had been sent a long time ago

By the way Deana if you were to look at the pics which I had posted on the thread you will see one where I had taken a picture of Eg taking a pictures of us (we have the same camera) I would like to have that shot please . I sent Eg a PM but no response. Can you have a word with him please. We are on board Prime Rib II


This is the shot we took . Did Eg take a picture of us as well

Aging Youth 25 September 2003 08:21

Pictures to America
Hi Andre,

I have more than 1 disk to send total is 5 but have been editing aswell. Do not worry they will get to Deana.


Deana Angell 25 September 2003 10:07

pictures to America?
Hi Aging Youth. I hope you mean Canada! I could be waiting quite a while if you send them to America. Ha! Ha!
It certainly sounds like you guys have an awful amount of fun. It must be tough having to make time for work too!
Andre, I'll check out the cruising thread and also ask Dad if he has the other picture.
Thanks to everyone who sent Kevin pictures.

Deana Angell 25 September 2003 10:13

Andre, Dad was on holidays so that may have something to do with not getting a response. I have emailed him and requested the pic. I'll forward it to you when I get it.

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