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K&S 12 February 2009 10:13

Outboard Mounting bolts...
Hi, hope you can help.
I am about to mount a Mariner 75hp 2 stroke on the back of a Rib.
I went to the local marine mechanic and he was asking for 60 for 4 high tensile stainless steel nuts and bolts.
Before parting with my money I thought Id ask if there is a cheaper way of buying suitable nuts and bolts or is that about the right price for these bolts?

Many thanks

PeterM 12 February 2009 10:18

My only experiance is from aviation related bolts etc & you can be stunned by the differance in strenght ( i use that word as a generic coverall ) between 'proper' fittings and poor quality ones.

For 60 do you want to risk seeing the lump vanish over the transome ? For me it only has one answer. But you can usually find cheaper suppliers

K&S 12 February 2009 10:22

Thanks for the quick reply.

Don't get me wrong if thats the going rate for the correct item then thats what will go on. I was really wondering if that was an acceptable price or an inflated 'marine' price.
Does anybody know of a cheaper supplier for suitable bolts?

Nasher 12 February 2009 10:34

Unfortunately that is the correct(ish) price for the correct bolts with the correct fine pitch thread from a Marine source.

They are available from non-marine sources cheaper if you shop around, but not that much cheaper.


chewy 12 February 2009 10:35

I personally think he's having your eyes out.
We use Hawk Fasteners in Teesside and they do most things you need.
Find out what spec your outboard manufacturer's bolts are and then have a ring around.

Not quite the same but Key Parts wanted a fair bit of money for some funny size bolts when we could get the same bolts local for alot less than half price!

matt h 12 February 2009 10:49

60!!!! Sounds like a rip off, try G R Fasteners in Avonmouth Bristol, and they will post them up ,01179 381122 Paid approx 20.00 in Stainless Steel:thumbs:

Nasher 12 February 2009 11:00

Some might not agree, but I've always used standard Stainless Steel M12 Bolts without the fine pitch etc that are @ the 20 mark for 6.

My previous comments were for the absolutely correct 1/2in fine pitch thread bolts, which I always thought were not Stainless, but Phosphur Bronze or something.
Is there really any such thing as proper High Tensile Stainless steel?


jwalker 12 February 2009 11:51


Originally Posted by chewy (Post 281941)
I personally think he's having your eyes out.

Yeh, me too. If nothing else, your Scottishness should prevent you paying that sort of money. :)

You do not need to use stainless bolts and I've never used them but I do use stainless nyloc nuts and washers. Normal M12 high tensile bolts will do the job fine, be stronger than the stainless super-duper bolts and they'll be a couple of kwid each if you're unlucky.

Be sure to seal the bolts into the transom, put a dab of grease on the thread before the nut is fitted and saw off any excess thread protruding from the nut. It you feel you'd like the extra security, put a normal nut onto the thread and then follow it up with the nyloc one as a locknut. Use thick washers to prevent crushing the transom.

Pete7 13 February 2009 02:36

For those Solent based, obtaining suitable 1/2" UNF bolts is becoming difficult, unless you know that the second hand chandlery barge on the Hamble has a box full of suitable sizes.


Matt 13 February 2009 02:48

My last ones came from Broward Bolt, Pompano Beach, FL. They're happy to post.

http://a2stainless.co.uk/E-1-2-Diameter_B22MO0.aspx - a few sizes.

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