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Rogue Wave 02 February 2009 07:57

One for the Mechanics
I'm trying to overhaul the reversing pump on a hamilton jet. It's actually a Saginaw pump as used on yankee car power steering. Does anybody know where I can get a reseal kit from

codprawn 02 February 2009 08:04

A mate of mine bought a replacement from the states a while ago off Ebay for his hotrod - brand new for about $125.


Is this any good?

Rogue Wave 02 February 2009 08:14

I'll give it a go

340 quid for a new from Hamilton whih we had to buy at the time thats why I want to renovate the old one

biffer 02 February 2009 08:22

i think you will find that most of them pumps run at the same pressure, it shouldn't be hard to find something in britian that will do the same job, eg the power steering on the yamaha stern drive is almost the same as the ford granada and trust me it does work

codprawn 02 February 2009 08:35

New ones for $125 - don't know if it's the same as yours though.


Rogue Wave 02 February 2009 09:53

that's the boys I know you can address the pressure via a screw block.

m chappelow 02 February 2009 16:15

i dont know if they still in buisness but there used to be a firm called RODLEY MOTORS in BRADFORD west yorks they used to import car stuff in by the container load from canada and the usa,they also had loads of american marine engine parts ,

Rogue Wave 03 February 2009 00:33

cool I'll ring em tomorrow, the website seems pretty modern :thumbs:

Matt 03 February 2009 02:10

Yeh, I bought some stuff from them a couple of years back - so certainly were going then.

However, if it's the same as the yank car stuff, then I think it's also the same as the yank boat stuff.

codprawn 04 February 2009 07:36

Just remembered


They have been going for many years - the place of choice for hot rodders and custom boys. My mate used to use them all the time for parts for his chevvy V8s.

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