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Jono Garton 06 September 2003 15:01

Bleeding a Power Trim And Tilt System
Hi All

I have just stripped and cleaned my power trim and tilt pump motor on my 150 optimax, some fluid was lost when doing this.

So the motor now works but the system is not working ie ptt is not lifting the engine up and down.

I think ity because the system needs bleeding???? any one done this before ???

Charles 06 September 2003 16:29

Do a search, this was covered in geat detail not too long ago on the forum.

Jono Garton 07 September 2003 01:47

Hi Charles

Completed a search before posting, couldn't seem to find anything. I remember a long thread about bleeding hydraulic steering but not ptt.

gavin 08 September 2003 14:43

Had a lose cap on the resivor , and lost fluid one day, the result of this was the system not able to lift the motor due to low oil .When the motor is lifted up the ram is full of oil, and when down it is expelled of oil. Top the resivor up with the motor down as much as possible, and drive up the motor till it stops,take off cap and add more oil u might be lucky and manage to drive it up bit by bit, if not , release the manual release screw head and allow the motor to drop down, with the hydraulic lock off , manully lift the motor up and when it is raised lock the hydraulic lock screw head tight, the motor may sag but it wont come down completley.Now you can add more hydraulic oil till it is full, replace cap and lift motor up with ptt controls.If you manage to raise the motor atall any oil will be drawn into the hydraulic ram freeing space up in the resivor for more oil, drive it up and down a few times and peroidcally vent the filler cap to expell air.Think of the system working like a trolly jack with an electric pump replacing the jack lever.I done all this with the boat on its mooring, and forced the oil in with a squeezy bottle cheers gavin

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