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9D280 08 January 2009 16:23

Yam 55BE "Thermostat repair kit"
Following the demise of my old Yam, the replacement parts I bought that triggered the discovery that the head had turned to cheese are now surplus to requirements.

So, for your cooling pleasure we have:

1 Thermostat, Part number 656-12411-01, boxed
1 Gasket, PN 663-12414-A0, Strictly speaking Used, but never actually compressed (see other posts in the engine section.....:sick:), original packaging.
1 new Grommet for the Safety valve release, slightly grubby as it went in then I discovered the problems, but oitherwise new (i.e. it's not gone brittle)

"Yam 55 BE thermostat repair kit" (i.e. all of the above) for 25, and I'll even throw in the safety valve spring too! (it's not new but still clean & functional)

No idea about postage, but based on what I was charged when it was sent to me, probably in the region of about 3.50.

These should also be useable on a Marnier 55, and possibly a Yam / Mariner 2- cyl 60, but I can't guarantee the 'stat will open at the correct temp on a 60)

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