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gingercoastie 05 September 2003 04:03

Just for my own personal intrest,

How many people out there have a DSC set, and if you do, do you use it?

Richard B 05 September 2003 04:17

I have one, but it's not fitted (yet!)

My current VHF is fitted in a DS Developments waterproof Neptune case, and I'm quite reluctant to take the plunge to replace it.

One of many winter projects :rolleyes:

gingercoastie 05 September 2003 04:18

I Take it that everyone knows that HM Coastguard are going to stop the headset watch on Channel 16.

Richard B 05 September 2003 05:28

What's the date for that finishing, GC?

gingercoastie 05 September 2003 05:34

It will not be until 2005, but if you want to save money, there are only 3 boat shows and 1 RIBex before then, and knowing the market economy, the prices are bound to rise slightly around that time.

Julian 05 September 2003 05:51

Hi gingercoastie

Can you explain a bit more about this, What are the coastguards stopping etc and is DSC the best way to go now then.


gingercoastie 05 September 2003 06:03

On the 1st January 1999, Vhf Channel 16 was deemed by the International Maritime Orginisation, too no longer require to have a person listening to it on a headset 24 hours a day.

HM Coastguard decided (because we are nice people) that we would carry on until 2005 to give everyone chance to buy a new radio.

DSC stops the requirement for vessels at sea to monitor channel 16 for distress traffic, as they will have all distress calls alerted by a very loud and annoying alarm, and all routine calls by a not so loud and annoying alarm.

Dsc therefore ensures that your calls routine or distress will not be missed, and all distress calls will be passed including a position (If you have it coinnected to a GPS) and a unique id, just by pressing a big red button for 5 seconds. If able you should then follow up with a normal Mayday/Pan call but if the boat is burning around your feet you can leave it at just the Dsc call.

It should be noted that commercial vessels (That had to be ready for dsc in 1999) may not be listening on channel 16 anymore as channel 13 is the primary bridge to bridge channel.

Sorry about the longwinded explanation, if you have any more questions I will be pleased to answer them, or ring your local coastguard centre, they will be only to happy to help.

gingercoastie 05 September 2003 06:05

Sorry typed so much, I missed out your last question.

Yes DSC is very much the way to go.

Julian 05 September 2003 06:12


Your a star. Thanks for that info, verty usefull.



Scubakid 05 September 2003 08:12

To answer the original question Yes I do have one and do on occasion use it to contact other boats.

If you use the link you can see if someone has DSC fitted


to look me up put in dromedary (I think I am the only one)

Jools has one and can be found by puting in panther

hope this helps


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