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The Jackeens 26 July 2003 11:02

gemini 5.05
Hi all,

Anyone have one or got any comments on the quality of these ribs.

I have done a search and little or nothing on them.


Storm 26 July 2003 11:43

Ensure that it has come through the proper channels as grey imports may have PVC tubes which will cause you problems other than that Gemini Ribs are top quality and excellent sea boats.

The Jackeens 26 July 2003 12:03

thanks storm,

hypalon tubes definitely not an import.

seen a couple of your big ones today at the zapcat racing in Stokes Bay -- those guys are Nuts with a capital N

Storm 26 July 2003 13:34

If they are Hypalon then there is nothing to worry about with the Gemini.

And I agree that anyone who wants to race that close together must be a screw loose

EdwardH 28 July 2003 22:26

Jackeen, I have a 5.05 Gemini with hypalon tubes and it's a great boat.

Its got an 85 CV Yamaha 2 stroke on the back and it goes pretty well although may be a little underpowered.

The only issue I have is that when on the plane, in high cross winds, wind does tend to get under the tubes and lift them a alittle, particularly when banking the boat on a corner...

Nothing to worry about but a liuttle unsettling the first few times.

But it has been out in 4m pacific swells this year and handled them pretty well even with a relatively inexperienced (me) person at the helm.

The newer ones (2001 onwards) have larger tubes than my 2000 model and apparently the stability has improved.

Some say that the 5.5 is a better boat for big chop and that was originally what I was looking for but i got a great deal on mine so went for it...

It hasn't disappointed me , let me down so far.

i guess you've seen this page from the Gemini site?


let me know if you want more details...

The Jackeens 29 July 2003 10:48

Have gone and done the deal today and will pick it up on friday:)

The pony sitting on the tail will be a 75 HP 4 stroke Mariner - nice an quiet - the ball and chain was happy with it so as long as she's happy ...... :lick: :lick: :lick:

Doing the RYA 2 / ICC David Robson
Aquapower Sea School course next week - right in the middle of Cowes week - should be interesting to say the least

Thanks for everyone's imput

:hi: :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi:

marios 06 August 2003 16:48

well i have a gemini 5.5 with a suzuki 140 fourstoke...

the engine is a little heavy for this boat but it gives me a very nice fast and cheap ride...
the only problem i had was some spray... but i meved the console a little back so now is ok...

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