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danilo 14 June 2008 05:08

@John, do you think new SIB section within the forum would be feasable?

Sinistre1 14 June 2008 10:28

Love the idea of an SIB section (as an SIB owner of course :) )

Locozodiac 14 June 2008 11:41


Originally Posted by danilo (Post 252541)
Great, thanks guys!
Keep them coming, this could be then posted as a sticky in SIB section, did I say SIB section?
Seriosly, this is the only forum I know of that includes a lot of good general info on sibs even though it's primary designation is RIB (which I am hoping to upgrade to in a couple of years time).
@John, do you think new SIB section within the forum would be feasable?

Danilo, I'll second that, a good idea, let's read what John has to say, maybe move all sib's posts to this new section so to have sibs and ribs threads. A much easier to find section per type of boat.

Happy Boating

ian parkes 14 June 2008 18:26

Sib section is a great idea as I reckon they are going to becomeeven more popular with the cost of fuel rising as it is :(

Clipper 14 June 2008 20:20

a SIB section is a great idea, this is the only active forum i know of that dicusses SIB related issues. The information is very valuable, and having a 'sticky' would be a great quick reference point.

Nasher 15 June 2008 06:16

Go on John, you know you want to, give us a SIB section:D

I'm mucking about with the smaller Nashers SIB at the moment, and have some mods planned that I could post.


Hugh Jardon 15 June 2008 07:13

i think that a sib section would be a great idea also, many of us have sibs and many folks with sibs aspire to have ribs and some of us that had ribs have moved to sibs

all round i think it would be great :thumbs:

perhaps we could have a motorhome section as well!!!!!!!! :D

Andy JC 15 June 2008 13:28

...another vote for the SIB section here!!

A few years a go I spent ages trying to find a forum devoted to SIB's and as far as I know there wasn't/isn't one. No matter how big or small a RIB I ever own I'll always have a SIB tucked away in the garage for certain occasions.

You know it makes sense John!!:thumbs:

BumbleAbout 16 June 2008 04:11

I'll vote for a SIB section too !

Black 16 June 2008 08:30

SIB area
Great idea on the SIB area within in the site.


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