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Razorbill 17 June 2008 03:35

Sternpower/Sternpowr 101
Hi, I`m having a heap of heartache with my Sternpowr outdrive on my Pacific 22.
I discovered this weekend that not only was the steering ram leaking badly but also one of the power tilt rams has broken at the weld on the collar on the end of the piston and the other one looks like it will go soon.
I recovered the boat Sunday and have removed the leg from the transom in order to get at the 1/2" allen key bolts that hold the inboard end of the power tilt rams, and also to make for easier removal of the steering ram. However, as the leg is `83 vintage things have not gone to plan, previous owners have rounded off allen sockets, pins holding in pins siezed solid etc etc!!
To cut a long story short I`m looking out for a reconditioned replacement or very good second hand unit if anyone has one available, I have been in touch with Lancing who want 3500 for a recon unit with the wrong bottom end(for mine)which I would have to do a swap for my bottom end.
I hear the do come up at defence diposal type places occasionally, does anyone know anything about this?

If any one can assist with sourcing a new leg I`d appreciate their help.

Nos4r2 17 June 2008 03:51

Try http://www.Babcockdisposals.co.uk

It's probably worth ringing them though as I get the impression that not everything is on their website.

Mollers 17 June 2008 04:01

Would it not be worth considering putting a used Merc or Volvo Penta leg on the thing? Obtaining parts etc would be a lot easier.
Where in Fal is the boat? I'm out near Argal.

Razorbill 17 June 2008 04:28

Its currently at a friends farm at Roskrow, Penryn, I would consider another drive but I would really like to keep it original if possible.

Babcocks no longer have the contract for marine spares although they still dispose of small craft; they told me to contact Liquidity Services UK or Leafield Logistics.
Have had a relpy from Graham at Midland Marine, anyone have any feedback on them?

Mollers 17 June 2008 05:10


Originally Posted by Razorbill (Post 252940)
Its currently at a friends farm at Roskrow, Penryn,

Roy B/bank by any chance?;)

Pete7 17 June 2008 08:39


Originally Posted by Mollers (Post 252936)
Would it not be worth considering putting a used Merc or Volvo Penta leg on the thing? Obtaining parts etc would be a lot easier. Where in Fal is the boat? I'm out near Argal.

The 101 leg is a pretty bomb proof unit, thats why Halmatic fitted them as the RN can be a little ham fisted. The problem with this one was the previous owners. The big advantage is the engine exhaust doesn't run through the leg therefore the oil inside the leg can move from top to bottom, all 3 gallons of it and be cooled by the flow of water over the lower part.

Whilst it might be a mess I would strip it and replace the 3 rams and pins etc. Should cost about 1500. Jimbo has a manual for the leg if you need info including part numbers etc.

That said JBT did have some spares a while ago and boats and outboards always worth keeping an eye on for a used one


Razorbill 18 June 2008 02:45

Due to my lack of workshop facilities and time I have decided to go with a recon leg from Midland Marine, Graham was very helpful. Hopefully the boat will be up and running again soon before Autumn(now schduled for the end July!) arrives.

Pete7 18 June 2008 03:49

Understand, keep the old one or sell it back to Midland Marine perhaps. They are very simple robust drives and whilst the rams can go that applies to all stern drives.

Razorbill 11 August 2008 21:07

Got the Sternpowr leg from Midland Marine, there was just enough of my leave left to get it fitted before I had to depart to the North Sea for 4 weeks. Graham at MM deferred any warranty until I`d had time to get home and trial the new leg.
Finally got home last week in July, made good the deck and launched the boat afloat for a week on a pontoon berth.
After a suitable period of running at tick-over, then half revs, I was itching to see what I could get out of it, which ultimately was 26kts at 2800rpm, I`d value someones opinion on whether thats ok for the Sternpowr/Mermaid turbo4 combination, As far as I know the injector pump has never been fiddled with and its the standard RN prop.
Still, in the water at last! Hurrah! The boat pulls a bit to starboard(right!) is that usual, perhaps the torque of the propellor?

Leroy 12 August 2008 02:54

Speed sounds about right to me, rpm may be a little high usually around 2600, but nothing I would be really concerned about.
Mine would lean to stbd if the trim was not right, if it just pulls to the right it may need the trim tab above the prop adjusting a little.

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