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PeterM 07 June 2008 12:39

Various Manuals needed
Help - I have just picked up my 'new' boat ( new to me ) & I haven't got the manauls for the Navman 5500 plotter . Does anyone know where i can down load it - I've looked the website , but thin kit is an old model so not possible to down load. On a seperate note should I fot my portable Garmin ( 276 ) as a backup. is having 2 overkill. I think this would give me a ' warm feeling & the Garmin seems to be able to do so much more ( tracking , differant screens, bigger speed / heading readout) or do I just not know how to set up the NAVMAN ?

Advice warmly recieved . Thanks

MikeCC 07 June 2008 13:58

This any good?

PeterM 07 June 2008 14:12

Mike - clearly you have a much better knowledge of the NAVMAN site than I have. Many thanks - next question - Where can I get an updated chart as I think I have 3/4 year old version ( I guess new when boat was ! ) Malthouse fixed me up with Garmin - can you help?. I'd rather buy from poeple on here than unknowns!

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