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iandl 09 June 2008 13:08

cheers gents ...

Mark it does have air con /climate control ....i'll have a good look for blockages/ flies etc when i get home

Chris ....radweld will be a last resort to put it in ......the car is 150miles away from home before i can do a pressure test ....I put a 2 gallon water bottle in the boot before i left just in case

might need to charge my mobile and give it its yearly switchon as well:)



Mollers 09 June 2008 13:59

As said, it'll probably be a blow on the gasket between a waterway and one of the pots which'll send the water out of the exhaust hence no signs. As long as you don't need a head skim, it's not major.

iandl 09 June 2008 14:11

looking around the web on various forums it does look likely to be a blown gasket .....i can only but see .......

as a matter of interest what amount of gap would nessesitate a skim?

I try to take my plane soles to less than a thou and i've made planes upto 24 1/2" long but it can take ages to set up and grip properly


codprawn 09 June 2008 15:37

If it's a simple case of taking the rocker cover off to get at the head bolts and there isn't too much in the way then just see if any of the bolts are loose. It seems to be more common on longer engines.

I tried it on my mates BMW and another straight 6 and it worked - saved taking the head off - if the gasket is damaged though it won't work!!!

reading this article


It says don't skim the head as it's heat treated. Quite often people skim heads when they don't really need to - a bit of carefull tightening does wonders........

iandl 15 September 2008 02:33

Finally got the disco going again........the headgasket was done at a garage and they made a balls up of it .....so then re-did it at home ...fitted a new headgasket ...head bolts......dowels ...water pump ...thermostat and radiator ....eventually traced the fault to the pas pump ...this in turn drives the water pump but the little shaft was goosed so no matter what i did it would still boil up .......actually a big releif to find a fault

done around 200miles in it now with no overheating issues so hopefully now its cured ...till the next fault.



codprawn 15 September 2008 09:03

You will prob curse me but now you mention it I do seem to remember that fault has happened to other people.

iandl 15 September 2008 10:20


Originally Posted by codprawn (Post 263672)
You will prob curse me but now you mention it I do seem to remember that fault has happened to other people.

nah ...i wouldnt curse you codders ....landrovers yes ...it was driving me nuts ....just so glad its sorted ....i spoke with famous four landrover supplies they suggested i look there ...so glad i phoned them



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