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iandl 05 June 2008 03:32

Discovery TD5 overheating issues
got a strange problem with my 2000 reg TD5 ......It seems to be losing water with absolutely no tell signs ...ie puddles under it ...water in oil ....oil in water ....nothing .......it will run all day at a steady 60 .....if i get stuck in traffic ...it rises to the point i'll pullover ....just at a loss to where the water goes ....i thourouly bleed it and it can taken a gallon a day ....wierd
I had the RAC look at it and he reckoned the pressure is good around the system and reckoned it wasnt the head gasket

any thoughts?


Jono 05 June 2008 03:53

How did your RAC man test for head gasket? Did he do a "sniff test”? My money is on head gasket.. but there are a lot of other reasons for losing water and you'll have to methodically and thoroughly check them all out......:(

codprawn 05 June 2008 06:35

I would bet on the head gasket as well. Often a pressure test won't show it up and neither will looking for water in the oil etc.

There are a variety of sealers etc you can add to the water to try to fix it but they usually don't do much.

Another thing to try is to check the tightness of the head bolts - I have found that occasionally just a quick nip up of the bolts can save a massive amount of work but if the gasket has any damage it will be head off time.

The main give away is steam from the exhaust but the weather's not really cold enough at the moment.

It could be a leaking heater I suppose - turn the heater up to full and see if there is steam or a smell of antifreeze in the cab.

iandl 05 June 2008 08:06

cheers Gents...hope its not the head gasket ....i'll try a rad seal first .....dont smell any sealent loss or wet carpet inside the vehicle .......might check the rad again but vehicle is bone dry underneath


Jono 05 June 2008 08:48

Get a sniff test done first....;)

codprawn 05 June 2008 16:24

Remember to nip up the head bolts as well - sometimes you can be lucky!!!

Roy Smith 05 June 2008 17:04

We have had 3 TD5 all of them had head gaskets go at around 60k
two of them had gaskett splits by the exhaust out let, have a pressure test
i think its just a thing with them, after they where fixed they where ok to about
120k they do have a problem with the oil pump, the chain brakes and Bang
new engine

iandl 06 June 2008 01:31

cheers gents ....when i get off the rig i'll take it for a pressure test ....

Roy what does an average head gasket replacement cost?



Mark Halliday 09 June 2008 08:15

Have you got Air Con?

It might be worth checking if the void between the rad and A/C condender is bunged up with dead flies and other debris.
This has caused 3 of my V8s to boil up unexpectedly.

Hugh Jardon 09 June 2008 11:32

you mentioned you were going to try a rad seal, dont do it, it can cause other problems, get the pressure tested first then go from there

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