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BruceB 23 April 2008 03:50

Yet another build thread, this time its personal...
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Got the hull and trailer home last night and motor is in store, the work begins now........
Still need to source some seats and an A frame but enough to be going on with just now.
So, take a 5.8m Destroyer, one HD double axle De Graaf, one Suzuki DF90 and a host of other bits and mix them together and see if it doesn't sink under the weight when launched :)

benc 23 April 2008 04:06

Nice looking boat!

Nice to see you have the metal frame around the screen - I see so many boats without, and always think how it would be if the boat stuffed into a wave!

BruceB 23 April 2008 07:10

The console isn't fixed to the boat yet, still to decide where to fix it in. I have a certain amount of leeway based around the underdeck trunking. Both the console size and the spec for trunking are fairly unusual or unique for a Destroyer according to the factory.

alystra 23 April 2008 09:33

Really cool Bruce. I see Humber have updated their logo too.

Good luck with the build. At the rate I'm going this year, I reckon you may be afloat first. :eek:

Cheers, Tony

BruceB 23 April 2008 15:03

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I don't know about that, still some cash to be found for seats and A frame plus all the little bits like batteries and fuel tanks.
Got the trailer 50% sorted tonight and shortened it slightly to suit the boat, hopefully finished tomorrow if the weather is good.
Need to get some Sikaflex and start putting all the various fittings on the deck and measure for fuel tanks next so I can get the console in position and fixed to the deck.
Got a pile of boxes full of bits to start putting on including a fair bit of instrumentation plus a view of my underfloor trunk, quite neat and it could be done after all on a small Destroyer!

Ian M 23 April 2008 15:26

Self Builds
Good luck with the build, it can be quite enjoyable :rolleyes:
I am told that it is even better when you finally get it on the water :D
Keep us posted.

martini 23 April 2008 16:16

Remember the old saying, measure twice, cut once!!:D

BruceB 25 April 2008 15:32

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Trailer now shortened and set up for hull, it just fits and no more into the available space. I had thought I would need to remove the drawbar to fit it in and get access round the side of the house but it just fits. maybe I should have went for the 6m after all..............
Outboard now up at house and, weather permitting, will be bolted on with the steering over the weekend.............

BruceB 26 April 2008 16:41

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Fairly successful day as weather was fine instead of the heavy rain forecast. Got the motor mounted on the transom, steering ram fitted and prop on. I found 1" offset was the max possible after all without cutting the transom cut out.
After this I was on a roll and fitted the bilge pump and front bollard as well as sealing the front anchor hatch as it wasn't properly sealed at the factory and water was flooding the anchor well in the rain.
Ran into two niggles, outboard lock is the wrong size and since it is from Brownspoint it is difficult to change (it is the correct one on the site for the DF90 but is a different thread) so this will be eabayed tomorrow. Also drilled the bilge pump outlet and then realised the transom was thicker than I had realised lower down and the skin fitting is too short! Need to look for another longer version as I now have a 1.25 inch hole through the transom.
Will see if I can mount the helm and top mount controls tomorrow as these are basically in a fixed position. This will allow me to play around with all the gauges and electronics to see where they will all fit on the console.

spartacus 27 April 2008 04:23

Nice looking boat. Keep us posted with your progress.

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