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iainmartins 04 April 2008 10:22

North of scotland cruises/get togethers
There is a new forum for anyone interested in boats of any sort in the Moray firth area.


Hopefully we will get cruises and meeting sorted out. Already had one so far, feel free to join

Scoobysnax 06 April 2008 17:24

What are the benefits of joining FMBC - free use of the slipway perhaps?

Minimerc 08 April 2008 14:04

Moray club

FMBC is a point of contact for local boaters (and visitors)to get together and meet like minded people and hopefully make new friends and enjoy their sport. As such the membership fees have been kept at a very low level.

Sorry if this is a bit blunt and formal, our aim is not to charge for profit or sell something but to develop boating.

We are working hard on what you get for your membership. But to be honest what do you get for a tenner? A couple of fun meets and a BBQ got to be worth a go.


Hope you can join us when you come north, either as a member or puerly a visitor you will be most welcome.

MIRO Stewart 08 April 2008 19:10

I agree with minimerc. What do you get for a tenner!!

I have already joined and paid the tenner for myself and partner. To be honest when I first heard about it I wondered what I got for my tenner!

However after visiting the website and giving it a little thought I reckoned it was so little i'd be daft not to! If i meet one new likeminded person and go on one cruise then i figure i will have got my moneys worth!!

Besides, its not the first! If you join the RYA what do you get? I mean what do you really get? No forum! No trips! And thats waaaaaaay more than a tenner!

All that being said, if its not for you, its not for you! However, if like me you reckon its to good a price to pass up on then great and I hope to see you when you come up to Findhorn


SeaSkills 08 April 2008 20:04


Originally Posted by MIRO Stewart (Post 244744)
Besides, its not the first! If you join the RYA what do you get? I mean what do you really get? No forum! No trips! And thats waaaaaaay more than a tenner!

Not quite fair Stewart.

For the last few years RYA Scotland has been organising cruises and events through it's "Powerboat Scotland" initiative (and there are 3 that I know of planned for this year).

No additional membership fee to pay, you can have an RYA Instructor join you for the trip if you want, and all the passage planning and safety issues taken care of.

MIRO Stewart 09 April 2008 04:46

ok sea skills, i was perhaps a litle harsh and blunt!

I was not in any way trying to belittle or slag the RYA as they are a good organisation that does an awfull lot for boating in the UK and around the world!

In the respect of what the RYA do for boating in general, imho you do get a lot for your money. However, your money doesnt get you free use of a slip for example which is why i mentioned it, I was comparing it to FMBC (totally different organisation I know) in the fact that the RYA is to join and FMBC is only a tenner and if we aalso organise a couple of cruises then imo you've got your tenners worth!

I really was just trying to illustrate a point! Please dont :@ me!!

You mentioned Powerboat Scotland? Was is this? Where can i find out more?


Minimerc 09 April 2008 05:08

Hello again.

Im a RYA instructor!! We have 4 PBIs 1 APBI two SIs in the club, and I am currently amongst other things sorting our rya club affiliation and speaking to powerboat scotland.

Seaskills I agree with you regarding the RYA and its Value I am a personal member. Our club and its members would not be here if not for the help and guidance made available to us by RYA and especialy RYAS.

However what is the furthest northeast cruise organised so far by PBS? Not a problem just be aware we are out on a limb here and are looking to get things going, hopefuly.

Stew ; Pay your RYA membership !! They do alot for us guys and thats worth every penny.

MIRO Stewart 09 April 2008 05:30

I honestly wasnt trying to slag the RYA! However i think I cocked up in the point i was trying to make :rolleyes: My point was.

Its only a tenner!!!!!

Im off to join the RYA!:thumbs:


Minimerc 09 April 2008 06:08


You get a discount voucher for membership once you complete a RYA course -- Better book one Quick !

Hear there is a Invergordon trip soon. You going?

Scoobysnax 09 April 2008 06:30

Well I am a member of the RYA and have been for 20+years.
My rather simple, or so I thought, question was having looked at the website I thought there was an association with the boatyard.

Sorry to have troubled you

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