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jwalker 14 March 2008 16:37

A nice bit of work.
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Another nice bit of DIY by skilled ribnet member, ian dl.
He also makes some other rather nice things. Perhaps he'll come along and show them.

martini 14 March 2008 17:08

Looks very nicely made :thumbs:
I hope the bow of the boat rides up on the rollers before it hits that rear crossmember, looks like it could do with another set right at the back but I'm sure he's thought of that! :)

Nasher 14 March 2008 17:34

Looks very good.

I'm sure the rear x-member is a removable trailerboard mount.


martini 14 March 2008 17:38

There's also a v shaped cross member just in front of the trailer board, could be an optical illusion though:D

Hightower 14 March 2008 20:19

Perhaps he'd like to come down South an have a look at my trailer:D

iandl 15 March 2008 03:31

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Thanks Jeff ...nasher...yes its removable ...the axles will slide the full length of the trailer if i need to or even cut it down a bit.....it took a few months of playing with designs in cad before i built it ....it tows fantastic kept a steady 65-70 in its 400mile maiden voyage ...its now sitting in Henshaws :) how do you insert smileys? sorry to see your problems hightower ...if your ever in central scotland pop in and i'll fix it and fit a proper neck...my galvanisers do an emergency turnaround on parts at a premium if need be. its not a difficult repair more of an inconvienience

my hydraulic bolster seats are coming on ....they go for the upholsery next week ...the stainless lower frame has come out well

here are some of my other things i make .....i rebuilt an old bridgeport cnc machine with all the latest hardware and software and it allows me to make almost anything .....i am currently concentrating on stainless planes as i like machining it and it doesnt rust:) .....i am a bit of a perfectionist and work all my planes to 1 thou or less ......i never test a plane before i sell it ...i pefer the customer to give feedback on how it performs ..if its made perfect then it'll work perfect ....i can show the process of how i make a stainless one if anyones interested.

this is just a hobby and i got the rib to get me out the workshop from time to time:)

thanks for your comments


BassBoy 15 March 2008 04:04

Beautiful. I'd have one for the mantlepeice. Dread to think how many hours to create such works of art.

Hightower 15 March 2008 04:21

They're absoloutly fantastic! I would be interested in seeing the manufacture of the Stainless ones. What Bridgeport is it? An interact or something older?

iandl 15 March 2008 05:10

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thanks for the comments

a few pics as requested ......

in the first pic you see a set of 3... i made 10 off and 9 came out perfect ...1 is used as a test piece before machining.
the base is made of 1 solid piece which is machined firstly on a jig for the outer profile.....i make my own jig screws so i can be sure of repeatable accuracy ...i then machine the rivets out the solid metal right along the sides ...these are done on one pass at 1/4" deep with an 8mm cutter ...i tell the machine its an 8.4mm cutter but its actually an 8mm cutter i then go over it again in the same program and give the rivets a clean up ....the rivets are 4.72mm and the side holes are 4.8mm ....this gives just enough to allow the sides to drop in ....they must just drop in or i reject them if i need to hammer them on. i then go round the top of the rivets with a chamfer ...this aids the peining process.
the front boss centre boss and rear chair are all made out of solid and machined in a similar way ...the centre boss is then attached then peined which damages it ....it then gets remachined in position at the same angle as the bed and slot for the adjuster ....i then machine the bed and split it from the front. this can take a full day of fussing around with the dial guage to get perfect before i cut.
the stems are also stainless which i cut a hexagonal in one end and broach the brass thumbscrew onto ...this ensures it wont go slack........the handles are machine to drop onto the rear chairs and are screwed from the bottom.
the wood used is pre ban brazilin rosewood
i made a full former which the parts are inserted around then i pein the rivets ...opposing sides at a time to prevent twisiting. it is kept in the former and skimmed before final flattening......i use engineers blue and 2 different surface plate to get as flat as i can ...usually around the 1 thou mark
takes around 400hours to machine a batch of 10 and around 50hours to assemble and finish ....i only use danish oil as a finish as it will show up the slightest blemish ....

there fun to make.

codprawn 15 March 2008 08:15

Amazing - incredible!!!

Maybe you should turn your hand to something like instrument making - a nice orrery for example.

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