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andreworiordan 08 March 2008 15:15

Quicksilver 4.30 HD XS
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Here is my Quicksilver, With my X-RNLI 40hp, Today was my first day out with my new engine, used to have a 25hp, the 40hp is crazy..very fast! More pics and videos to come.

ian parkes 08 March 2008 17:17

Looks like fun , nice set up :)

andreworiordan 22 March 2008 16:18

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Just back from a great day out, was rough yet again today..was out in 6ft swells, went to a nice beach got ready and went off wakeboarding! was wet and cold but what else would yu be doing on a saturday!!

ian parkes 22 March 2008 17:29

I like the way the thwart is being used to seperate the bow area for storage .
What have you got fitted blow the thwart , looks like speakers . is it a box for the vhf etc . :]

Andy JC 22 March 2008 19:10

Hi Andrew

I imagine your QS goes well with a 40hp!

I'd like to know how well it tows a wakeboard, does the boat get pulled around a lot?

How did you secure the tow rope to the transom?

Hoping to try it from my SIB sometime soon and I'm interested to hear how well your setup works

BTW if the pics are showing "6ft swells" how would you describe flat calm?:D

andreworiordan 23 March 2008 08:33

Under the seat I built a box from marine ply and coated it with "watertite" sealer and painted it to match the seat, in the box there is a Cobra VHF radio, a Sony CD player with a waterproof face and two 300Watt Marine speakers from Fusion, In the back of the box there is a small storage area for phones etc.. also there are all the switchs for nav lights, search lights.

The boat goes very fast and fells solid with the 40hp, she tows better than i thought, the wakeboard doesnt pull the boat one bit, I also tow a ring again with no problems,

(i will take more detailed pictures next time i get down there)

Where the boat is beached is in white bay(Cork Harbour),which is just next to fort Carlisle, the winds where from the north so all those swell where in the channel, the bay was sheltered, it was fairly wet and wild heading back to crosshaven!

also i have some more pics and videos ;


two stroke mick 23 March 2008 09:05

My old 40 hp
Hi Andrew

The engine and boat combo look good do you know what is the new max speed with the new engine

andreworiordan 23 March 2008 09:36

Hey, The speed I clocked on the gps with 4people on board was 22kts, shes running sweat!

andreworiordan 29 March 2008 12:03

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Went out again today, and yes, once again wet and wild!

Some more pics of the boat,
also a close up of the box i built for the radio/CD player and speakers.

ian parkes 29 March 2008 13:35


Originally Posted by andreworiordan (Post 243554)
Went out again today, and yes, once again wet and wild!

Some more pics of the boat,
also a close up of the box i built for the radio/CD player and speakers.

I hope you are having better weather than we are , wouldn't have been much fun out today around the Cornish coast

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