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elflit 08 February 2008 13:11

suzuki df90 power trim leaking
does anyone know where i can get the seals and manual for my df90 suzuki engine . the power trim oil has gone white ( emulsefied with salt water).
i need to strip it down and clean out the power trim. replace seals and refill with new oil. but i would also like to buy a workshop manual fro my engine.
anyone out there who can help me!!!!

OceanEco 09 February 2008 02:07

When you do the seals check the rams for any corrosion and or scoring the 200's have been having some problems with power trim and leaking of oil.

David G 09 February 2008 05:37

Part number identification can be done here:


and parts in the UK can be got here:


Not sure about the manual though.



K&S 09 February 2008 06:25

Hi, we bought the engine workshop manual for our suzuki from

Brownspoint - link posted in Orville's post above.

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