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John Kennett 24 June 2003 17:37

The Soltron Atlantic Challenge
Later this month Alan Priddy, Clive Tully, Jan Falkowski and Egburt Walters will attempt to make the crossing from St John's, Newfoundland to Cape Wrath in Scotland in less than 100 hours.

The team hopes to leave St John's, weather permitting, on July 27th and they aim to be back in Portsmouth on August 9th. En route they'll stop in Greenland and Iceland before reaching the end point for the record at Cape Wrath in Northern Scotland. After that, they'll make their way back to Portsmouth via Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Clive Tully, crew member and onboard journalist, will be posting regular updates here as the voyage progresses. A camera crew is following them on both sides of the Atlantic, so there should also be a chance to re-live the experience on TV in the autumn when their documentary is scheduled for screening.

More details on the Offshore Expeditions web site

Best wishes to all the crew from RIBnet. I've got my fingers crossed for some decent weather! :)


Alan 24 June 2003 17:49

Good luck!
Wondered when this was going public!;)

Good luck. You are of course all bloody mad but I think that point has been proven already. (Except for Eg who seems a relatively normal sort of chap.)

Hopefully see you in Portsmouth. (or if you get REALLY delayed, Newfoundland in August!)


Richard B 24 June 2003 17:56

Oh yes, anything with the theme 'unfinished business' has got to be worth watching. Best of luck to all - keep the updates coming!

Keith Hart 25 June 2003 00:53

Hi Alan P

May I be the first to suggest a SoC return gathering. :)

Keith Hart

Aging Youth 25 June 2003 01:34

A Return Trip
Hi Allan & Crew,

I read the article last night in the Portsmouth local newspaper.

I wish you well in your ventures and god's speed for a safe trip & safe return journey.

Very Best Wishes

Alan Priddy 25 June 2003 02:20

Keith, did you ever for one minute imagine that we would not have a home coming party?

Dont know where att this stage but it will be on August 9th
We will keep you updated. Alan P:)

Manos 25 June 2003 02:53

Alan P you have our BEST WISHES for a safe and successful voyage.

Andy Gee 25 June 2003 02:58

:) Alan the very best of luck, its about time you had some!!!

Dirk Diggler 25 June 2003 04:03

Dear Mr "Been there and worn out the tee shirt", just been reading about your next record attempt, and I'm a bit confused.

You say that you are attempting to make the crossing in 100 hrs, but by my reckoning the intended dates of july 27th - august 9th is 336 hrs. How does this work out. I realise that you might have to make a few fuel stops, but are you also intending to take the weekends off!

All IMHO, and with the greatest respect. ;)

PS, I'm thinking of competing in the London Marathon next year, but my intention is to do it over 26 days, a mile a day. Hoping to set a new world record!

gingercoastie 25 June 2003 04:20

Dear Mr Diggler,

I tried for a long time not to lower myself to responding to the sort of posts like your last one in this thread. But as you put IMHO it may take a little bit of time to get from Cape Wrath in Scotland to Portsmouth on the south coast , and if they stop for a break at some time, personally I don't blame them. I was totally knacked after going from Plymouth to Dartmouth and back in one day, And I was only a pasenger.


Good look Alan and crew, hope to be in Portsmouth to welcome you back.

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