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kingfisher69 27 December 2007 06:34

A cautionary tale
Hi Guys an amusing story to send out the old year (but only amusing after the event) which could have easily turned into a disaster. i was refurbishing my SR4 and i had it on my drive for some time whilst doing most of the work, for security purposes i removed the tow hitch and trailer wheels,decent anti theft device. I had almost completed the refit and some sweet person or persons unknown knifed both tubes, i was mighty pissed to say the least. my next plan involved moving the boat and trailer to a safer location which happened to be 50 yards round the corner to a friends house. I refitted the wheels to the trailer and wheeled the boat to its new location where it stayed till completion a couple of months later and awaiting its launch date. the key words to remember in this cautionary tale are FINGER TIGHT. AND SHORT MEMORY SPAN. The big day came and down to the water for launching and putting her on the mooring. things went without a hitch, tied her up and towed the trailer back home for storage. On the homeward journey I looked through the mirror and the nearside trailer wheel was passing me on the offside of the vehicle and bouncing down Winchester Road it missed every car and obstacle in its wake UNBELIEVABLE! I recovered the runaway wheel and refitted it using 2 nuts from the other wheel (which where also finger tight and limped home with my head up my arse and my tail between my legs.i then had a memory recall as it was such a short distance to my new safer venue (just round the corner and it was no hurry to wrench the nuts tight ( i'll do it later ) it was then the key word mentioned earlier FINGER TIGHT came into play and SHORT MEMORY SPAN i had completely forgotten to properly tighten the wheel nuts. i still consider myself very lucky that this stupid oversite did not cause accident or injury to some innocent person travelling that day and yes guys i put my hands up on this one i know i was a complete pillock. if this cautionary tale serves to remind anyone to check trailer wheels on every trip then some good has come out of my close encounter with possible tradgedy!!!!!! Regards Gary

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