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chris123 24 November 2007 06:04

Opinions on new Avon RIBs / SIBs
Not that I am in the market for a new RIB / SIB (I wish!), but I was wondering why Avon don't usually feature in the 'which new RIB / SIB should I buy' threads?

Old Seariders seem to have a well deserved reputation for being as tough as old boots, and when I got my 'vintage' Avon SIB repaired I was told it would pretty much last forever.

Are new Avons just too expensive, or are the Adventure RIBs too 'soft' and the Seariders too 'workboaty'? As for SIBs, I can see that the Rovers have limited performance, but what about the ERBs?

Can - Open - Worms everywhere? :D



Rogue Wave 24 November 2007 08:31

yep that\s right:D

New Sea riders are real dear and real good but they are not as attractive to the non industrial ribber as other similar sized boats

The only people that reckon Adventurers are those selling em, they are good and they look great but they are a bit slammy in the water.

Avon SIBs I don't know a lot about but they seems to be one on every ship or tug I get on

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