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waverunner 20 October 2007 13:02

Another Evinrude 150DI Disaster.
Last weekend I took up an offer from a friend of mine to go down to Weymouth to visit the bright lights an bars. On the Saturday afternoon we had a wander around the harbour and spotted a seamark speedboat being towed into the harbour with a very unhappy and concerned looking owner. It turned out his Evinrude 150DI had siezed up. :eek: He was not a happy chappy. We overheard his conversation with his mate as he explained he had one month left on his warranty.

Does anyone know what the situation is with a serious warranty claim like this so late into the warranty. Would the engine be repaired with no questions asked, or would he expect to have to put up a fight with the supplier or engine manufacturer?

Hightower 20 October 2007 14:10

Wouldn't have thought he'd have a problem with the manufaturer with any warranty claim, unless it was deemed his own fault like forgetting to fill up the oil or keeping up with the servicing.

What do you meen another Disaster? Do you know of any others?

Jono Garton 20 October 2007 15:39

Hi Tony

I wouldn't think Evinrude would put up an argument, they are very, very experienced at dealing with seized DI Warranty claims.

One of my Friends and Customers has had 3 in a row gone bang, all under 10 hours use, they really are a "cracking" piece of kit. Now on Etecs which are much better.


waverunner 21 October 2007 05:05

What do you meen another Disaster? Do you know of any others? [/QUOTE

What makes an engine go Bang?


Excitement at Dittisham on Saturday. I was enjoying a pint of Broadside on the pontoon whilst Lakeland pup 2 was crabbing when I heard a huge bang and glimpsed something shooting oveer the water a la bouncing bomb. This was followed a few seconds later by a cloud of smoke & a shout to the equivalent of "oh dear we've got a fire". I grabbed the extinguisher & raced to the other side of the pontoon where there was a large dory with its OB well aflame. 2 extinguishers put out the fire & fortunately no-one was hurt. The engine - a 115Hp Evinrude was a right mess though. What I had seen was the cover flying over the water as it blew off.

The owner reckoned he had just turned to key as normal to start when it went bang. What could have caused this?? It was very impressive, but musty have been rather scary for those on board. Lucky they were still tied to the pontoon.

I believe Lakelandterrier recently submitted the above post about an Evinrude that went BANG and as I am considering which engine to buy I would not like to make the wrong choice as the engine is an expensive part of a build project. I know most manufacturers have slight problems but the older Evinrude seem to have more than there fair share of major issues. I think I might consider the opti or suzi as they seem to have good press over a longer period. My concern because I would be buying second hand is obviously a lack of warranty!!

PeterR 21 October 2007 07:01

I must admit to being a fan of evinrude had two new ones couple silly minor problem which was sorted out if your looking second hand i think opti,s are having compreessors blowing up but i have not heard of problems with suzi look for the evinrude four stroke they are rebagded suzi,s good luck

blufin 21 October 2007 09:12

some di motors had issues with injector retaining bolts, could fail causing fire, there is a kit available to sort problem out. usually done by dealer. details of the recall and models affected on brp site.

Jono Garton 21 October 2007 12:03


If you are going to put a allot of time and effort in to a build I would go for a new Mercury Optimax (5 year Warranty) or Etec (3 year Warranty). Leave the DI's well alone.


MarkM 21 October 2007 12:25

Own a 250 DI Evinrude for almost 3 years now and no problems at all. And I know many happy owners of DI's.
So the title "Another Evinrude 150DI Disaster" is at least prepossessed.

waverunner 21 October 2007 13:10


Originally Posted by MarkM (Post 223845)
Own a 250 DI Evinrude for almost 3 years now and no problems at all. And I know many happy owners of DI's.
So the title "Another Evinrude 150DI Disaster" is at least prepossessed.

Try telling that to the chap who had the mis-fortune of being towed in to Weymouth, I would not like to repeat his verbal onslaught of his engine on this thread, but I am glad to hear you have had no problems, but personally if I am to consider a build project, and as long as there is an element of doubt in these engines, which clearly there is, then I would prefer to edge my bets on a more proven and reliable engine.

gavin 21 October 2007 13:33

dis information
Have had experience of both DI Evinrudes and Optimax.

I know of a 225 Rude, it siezed simply because the oil level rather than oil pressure switch in the remote oil tank, stuck in its normal position, simple electrical fault like this told the ECU everything was ok no fault codes for low oil and the motor under load siezed, also was the 150 which failed running the reccommended ficht ram oil,or xd oil which has replaced it, not the premimum plus stuff.

I have also seen a few posts here about supposed Potimax compressor failures.
This is simply not accurate, what does happen is the 2 stroke oil feed to the overhead compressor can simply detach, not good I know from movement/vibration etc.
This is simply resolved by a cabletie/ clip around the oil feed in.

If you do some research on www.boatsetup.com you will find out all about the upgrade to prevent the injector fires on some of the Ficht Ram models

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