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cairnswaiheke 15 September 2007 04:45

Zodiac pro open 650 / integrated cooler bin
Hi - first post - might have got this wrong - gulp. Just looking for some help if possible, Zodiac in France (apparently well known for lack of speed on accessories etc) are now 9 months plus delivering us the rear seat cooler bin (missing when the boat was purchased). We have an 04 model. Someone will know - I think it is an igloo brand, but I would hugely appreciate the code number so I can bypass Zodiac and go to the manufacturer. Thanks heaps! Also, anyone have an idea on $ for replacement set of tubes?

Apherel 15 September 2007 17:44

Hi and welcome to ribnet. Waiheke and the gulf is such a fantastic boating area. You should post some photos.

The icebox is not really a UK kind of accessory, is it?

If you don't get a lead on the forum, you could try zodiac australia. I found them quite helpful when I wanted to get some technical information, but it took me a while and a few calls to get through to the technical people.

Skiman Inflatacraft (zodiacboats@ozemail.com.au ) in Melbourne have also been very helpful. Bob is the contact there. He can also give you a ball park price on tubes. They are all made in France, so costs would be similar to NZ.

Why do you need new tubes, anyway?

cairnswaiheke 15 September 2007 19:18

Zodiac pro open 650 / integrated cooler bin
Hi - thanks for the lead, really appreciate it.
The cooler is actually a standard fitting on the 650.
I presume when you say not a UK accessory, you mean that it's cold enough there without an icebox! Will post some images of the gulf when I get back out on the water, just warming up here again now after a cold wet winter.
All the best - thanks again.

floater 16 September 2007 14:52

Igloo coolers
i have one of these on my medline but its not standard fit



cairnswaiheke 18 September 2007 22:17

Thanks for the reply. I'm really still left chasing the factory equipped ice box - I think a number of alternative brands would possibly fit the space but I would prefer to keep the boat original.

Meant to say I am looking at new tubes because after only 3 years the current tubes have gone sticky towards the rear.

Pretty poor lifespan I would have thought.

tinker 19 September 2007 01:10

Sure there is a 5 year warrantee on the tubes, do a search on here I have a strong feeling this problem or a similar one has occurred before and the tubes replaced under warrantee

Just had a look, check here


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