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Nasher 02 September 2007 11:00

Solent Beer and Banter Sept 07
Hi all.

Monday the 10th September is second Monday of the month, so its time to gather at the church again.

As usual all are welcome at.

The Churchillian.
Widley Walk,
Portsdown Hill Rd,

I'm posting this a bit earlier than usual as I'm off to Canada for work for a week ,and don't know if I'll have access to the internet via my laptop.
I'm flying back in to Heathrow that Monday afternoon, so if when you arrive I'm fast asleep in a chair, please give me a nudge.


Aging Youth 04 September 2007 13:44

Confess all ye Sins
Hi Mate,

Kathryn & I will be there. Enjoy Canada look forward to hearing all about it.:thumbs:

peterb 04 September 2007 14:01

Thats not far from me. What time is this gathering and are newbies welcome?

Hightower 04 September 2007 14:47

Newbies are always welcome Peter, and even more so if they buy all the beer :p

However I won't be joining you guys again this month as it clashes with my Night shift pattern :(

peterb 04 September 2007 15:01

What sort of time??

Hightower 04 September 2007 16:12

I usually turn up at 9 but there are always others there by then, I guess 8 would be a good time.

peterb 04 September 2007 16:17


Nasher 04 September 2007 16:23



As Hightower says new faces are always welcome

During the summer the gathering tends to tail off a bit as peeps are on holiday etc, we tend to get a bigger crowd during the winter.

Be nice to meet you.


peterb 04 September 2007 16:26

I do know Aging Youth, as met him at Shamrock a few weeks ago. Looking forward to it.

Pete7 09 September 2007 13:23

Yep will be there too, probably about 8.32 pm


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